Hagley Craft Fair

Saturday, October 19, 2013
Sunday, October 20, 2013
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

This artisans' marketplace brings talented artisans from the Mid-Atlantic area to display and sell fine arts and crafts. This premier show will feature works in wood, pottery, jewelry, fibers, metal, and other media. New for the 2013 fair is a specialty market featuring gourmet food vendors. Admission $5, free for members and children under six years old. Use Hagley's Buck Road East entrance off Route 100 in Wilmington, Delaware.

On Saturday, October 19, Daniel Dekalb Miller will sign copies of his book, Chateau Country, from 2 to 4 p.m.

NOTE: On Sunday, hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The following is a list of participating vendors:

The craft fair is now full -- we are no longer accepting artisan or food vendors for 2013. Thank you!

Allen Androkites Shaker boxes were produced by the Shakers from 1798 to 1950. My goal is to produce original designs using the same traditional techniques that the Shakers used and then adding a personal twist. The process involves taking unique and different woods and steam bending them together into a bent wood box. The box is held together with small copper tacks and wooden pegs. After much work, a rubbed on oil finish is applied to produce a well crafted object that is functional and beautiful.

Debra Bet/Bello Tesoro, LLC 18K/14K gold, diamonds, pearls and fine gemstone jewelry. Designs are vintage/nature inspired. Made mainly using the lost wax process or completely made by hand.

Joan Betzold/Partnership Crafts Joan Betzold, an award winning (including Basket of the Year and Recycling Project of the Year for the State of Maryland) handcrafter, has been weaving baskets for 25 years. She has turned this beloved hobby into a full-time vocation, doing about 40 shows a year in the mid-Atlantic area. Joan designs, dyes the fibers, and weaves her original baskets using century old techniques without nails, glue or staples. She has become very well-known for her unusual baskets incorporating vintage tools, kitchen items and cowboy lariats. Joan loves to do custom work as it gives her more opportunities to stretch her creativity.

Anna Biggs Designs Anna Biggs is a Graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, as well as, The Fashion Institute of Technology. She lived for two years in Rome, Italy and traveled extensively. It is from her dreams and her travels that she derives her inspiration for both her paintings and her sculptural jewelry. Anna combines her love of architecture, natural world, as well as her intense dreams to come up with her paintings and sculptures. Her mediums are sculpted jewelry in silver and gold, egg tempera, and plein air painting in oil. Her paintings and jewelry are available year round at The Station Gallery in Greenville as well as on her website.

Zachary Bloom/Accents in Bloom My creative process as a designer starts with the journey to buy my gemstones. I travel worldwide to find beautiful gemstone materials and I hand pick every single stone to ensure its quality. I envision my designs as artistic expressions of wearable art more than just basic pieces of jewelry. When beginning a new necklace, I play with an idea or a color scheme at my design table. Sometimes I will not have a specific idea of what I want to accomplish; I will just choose a variety of colors that move me on an aesthetic level. Mixing bold colors and top quality gems that are custom cut into unique shapes is what I am best known for. I then begin to handcraft the piece together using different techniques depending on what type of design I am working on. My end product must always be different then what I have previously designed which therefore forces me to always be as creative as possible.

Elisabeth Jönsson Brown When designing my hand woven fabrics, I am influenced by my Swedish heritage. Selecting the finest of yarns, I create distinctive texture and color combinations. My fashions are meticulously tailored and styled along classical lines, making them sensible choices for almost any occasion.

Karen Caldwell/Sunflower Glass Studio Karen Caldwell of Sunflower Glass Studio in Stockton, New Jersey is part of a duo working in glass. Karen and her husband Geoff started Sunflower Glass over 34 years ago. The couple has developed these past decades with a strong influence in traditional stained glass, doing commissions for residential and sacred spaces.
In addition to their custom work, Karen’s newest work is in fused glass. She makes tableware using silver leaf which is reactive to the base vanilla glass that creates a wonderful halo effect around the silver. A tinted glass is placed on top of the silver that fuses with the silver leaf creating a beautiful, rich color element on the glass. These pieces are very durable and are food and dishwasher safe, although hand-washing would be preferable.
For several years, Karen has been specializing in botanical inclusions using powder glass, adorning both platters and window hangings. Recently, Karen and Geoff have been working together using botanical fused glass inclusions and hand painted insects and birds to create unique glass windows. In 2012 they were finalists in the Niche Awards at the Buyers Market of American Crafts.

John Cooley/Cooley Ceramics I make functional and decorative ceramic art for the home and garden, everything from soap dishes and serving trays to birdbaths ad totem poles. All of my pieces feature unique hand modeled and painted whimsical figures.

Joy Davis I create one-of-a-kind limited edition sterling silver jewelry. Many of my designs include gold-filled metal, brass or copper and may be enhanced with semi-precious stones or other beautiful materials. My collection is considered “Art to Wear”!

Diana Eldreth/Eldreth Designs My designs are inspired by what I see and experience in nature. In particular I enjoy the beauty of trees and landscapes, which are reflected in the designs on my ceramic pieces and the shape of the mountings. My work includes hand painted porcelain pieces which are set within sterling silver mountings. I incorporate a variety of clay and metal fabrication techniques (i.e. carving, casting, forging, hand painting, etc.) making each piece a one-of-a-kind.

Lore Evans/Glass Gallery Lore Evans creates “Architectural Art” from stained and beveled glass. Her skill in this demanding art and her creative approach attest to her fascination with the beauty, quality and texture of glass. Each piece is an original that comes to life as it is being created. Her favorite compliment is when someone says her art was always meant to be there.
Lore works from her barn studio, the Glass Gallery in Chadds Ford, PA.

Sally Finch/Beverly Bell/Sara’s Country Chocolates Our hand-dipped chocolates are made with the freshest ingredients and we use no artificial colorings, flavorings or preservatives. Fondants, caramels and toffees are stirred by hand in small batches, using family recipes.

Carole Fox/Silver Fox Pottery I have worked in clay for over 25 years, selling in galleries and juried shows across the country. My main body of work is porcelain which has been made on a potter’s wheel. I enjoy working with form and color to create usable art.

Olga Ganoudis Designs Innovativeness and creativeness has been Olga’s tools to offer new styles to her clients. Her wide travelling experience and her Greek heritage, along with exotic cultures she immersed herself into, influence her esthetic expression. These historical and mystical connections play a major role in her work and creative journey. The Olga’s “brand” marries style, developing craftsmanship and alluring aspects of various stone and metal textures.
Considering the important role that the surface can play in jewelry it is natural for Olga to focus on the fundamental forms that are born from organic or biomorphic shapes. From here, the integration of texture on such materials as silver, bronze and copper with colors of semi precious stones evolves into her unique jewelry design. The juxtaposition of a hard grainy texture next to the smooth surface of a pearl helps her to create the visual stimulus which inspires one of her several unique collections.
Olga’s designs are sold to galleries across the country and at various Craft Shows.

Margaret Gielis I work in the medium of papier-mâché. Each piece is made individually using an assortment of materials. I have great fun creating these whimsical, folk art figures.
Etsy.com - magpiedesignltd

Susan H. Gladstone/The Happy rock Pottery My inspiration comes from the joy of throwing. Work is mainly wheel thrown and hand built raku fired or with alternative methods of raku firing!

Scott S. Gold, II/Golden Touch Gifts When working at my craft, hand hewn wooden bowls and utensils, I make many different sizes and shapes as well as the traditional round bowl. The size and shape of each bowl is determined by the structure and shape of the log. All of my products are food safe, contain no stain and are finished with mineral oil which will not turn rancid as other oils are apt to do if the piece is not used frequently. Since all my bowls and utensils
are made from trees that have been removed to clear land or have been damaged by a storm, I have saved many beautiful logs from the fireplace or the mulch pile.

Harmony Weavers Guild The collective work of community fiber artists includes weaving, knitting and some jewelry.

Philip Hauser Philip Hauser has been a wood turner since 1987. He emphasizes the natural beauty and the imperfections of whole pieces of wood. Mother Nature produces an infinite variety of interesting shapes and contortions, and Philip’s goal is to work with the natural flow to create pleasing pieces of turned wood. He is committed to creating traditionally-shaped pieces for everyday use as well as for decoration.

Karla Heartsfield/Howard Heartsfield I am a fiber artist who specializes in handcrafted clothing and accessories made with a loving eye towards the environment.
I work with all types of fabrics, mostly natural such as cashmere, wool, leather, suede, etc. My coats and jackets are easy and comfortable to wear. I utilize all my skills to make these such as sewing, hand weaving, hand painting, knitting, crocheting, etc.
Matching handbags, hats, and scarves round out my collection and finish off the look.
The bottom line is I have followed my passion and hope that, through my work, I bring pleasure to others.

Patricia Henriques/BCM Bijous, LLC Pat believes art jewelry should be fun and functional. Because she practices to help the environment, “green” (recycled) silver is used in some of her work. Pat loves vibrant colors, and includes enamels in some of her pieces. She uses textures, gemstones, and crystals in many items to further enhance them. Pat currently teaches one medium of jewelry making in four venues and loves to share her knowledge with others. Her items range from “funky” to classical.

Ed & Colleen Herman/Cutting Board Man & Bear Loft Bears Corian® products for the home including cutting boards, cheeseboards, serving trays and lazy susans.

Karen Hill/Karen Hill Designs My designs begin with color. I create glass beads one at a time using an ancient technique called lampworking. I use a small glass blowing torch to melt and shape Venetian glass into each unique bead. The sterling elements are also my original design. I pair them with my glass beads to create a timeless, yet whimsical, piece of wearable art. For me, the process from inspiration to creation is magical.

Pam Horstmann For over 30 years I have been designing and weaving wearable art that consists of scarves, hats, vests, coats, and jackets. I use natural fibers and incorporate a variety of surface design techniques such as warp painting, knitting, and creative stitching to create one-of-a-kind pieces. My work is constantly evolving as I continue to explore and experiment with a variety of materials and surface design techniques. I love working with color and I use nature as my inspiration.
Prices range from $45.00-$95.00 for hats and scarves and $80.00-$450.00 for vests, jackets, and coats.
I will demonstrate my weaving.

Gordon & Lynne Hubbard/Custom Design Silver My jewelry is of a classic style made with sterling silver, natural stones, shells, pottery shards, volcanic ash and anything else I find interesting.

James R. Huntsberger James R. Huntsberger has been painting professionally since 1988. He paints a broad range of subject matter in oils, including portraits, seascapes, beach scenes, landscapes, still life, historical structures, and occasionally, abstracts. Huntsberger has had several one-man shows and has been the featured artist in four major local shows. He exhibits regularly in juried charity art shows throughout the region, winning many prizes for his oils. His paintings have been accepted in national and international juried shows. Four of his paintings hang in the Washington, DC offices of Delaware Senator Thomas Carper. He was the 2007 Wilmington Flower Market poster artist. His oils are in private and corporate collections internationally. Fifty-four of his Brandywine Valley scenes with essays about the subjects, researched and written by his wife Janet, were published in their book Our Brandywine: An Artist’s View of His Brandywine Valley Home, which was published by Cedar Tree Press in 2004. J.R. is a member of the Portrait Society of America, the Delaware Foundation for the Visual Arts, and the Lancaster County (PA) Art Association. He was a member of the Philadelphia Sketch Club from 1991 through 2009.

Cagla Inselbag/Cimi Fused Glass Cagla Inselbag has worked with glass for almost 25 years, first with stained glass and the last several years with kiln formed glass. The pieces she creates reflect her focus on the emotions that color and form elicit. Strength and fragility of glass, rich colors and designs from her past are all influential in the bowls, plates, vases, clocks and other objects she creates.
The price range of her pendants, bowls, plates, clocks, coffee tables and vases is: $20-$325.

Peggy Keil Patched handbags, quilts and pillows are the result of the combination of fine fabrics and precise craftsmanship. Full attention is paid to unique color combinations and every detail in the construction process.

Meg Kennedy/Book Arts As a book artist and calligrapher, I aim to explore the nuance of words through style, color, shape, and size, and to look for layers of meaning that create rapport with the viewer. When making books for others to use- journals, sketchbooks, albums, and notebooks- I use traditional methods and fine quality materials paired with my own styles of embellishment. Rather than producing an endless supply of identical blank books, each volume that I make is unique in the hope that it will resonate with one particular customer.

Liz Kinder A love of food, color and pattern is the root of my work. I hand throw and sometimes alter my forms. I use 6 different clay bodies, 3 different firing techniques and hundreds of glaze combinations. Surface is definitely my passion.

Janet Kofoed Janet Kofoed creates unique pieces in silver, gold, and semi-precious stones. Her love of science and nature is reflected in her work often casting natural objects in silver and gold. She studied jewelry making at the Smithsonian Institution and has been making fine hand crafted jewelry for more than thirty years.

Mike Leeper/KES Carvings After turning my hobby into a business 3 years ago, I embraced my motto “turning wood into art.” I find the best and most beautiful woods from around the world. I incorporate the rustic wood theme with modern and industrial metal. The pieces of hand turned art (such as pens, pencils, razors, bottle openers, etc.) are a great addition to any home or office. All of your friends will want to know where you got your!

Ramona T. Maziarz I am a pen and ink artist. My technique is a simple one, a metal nib dipped into a bottle of ink and touched to paper to draw one line after another. Standing in the woods, listening to nature under the trees, that is my heart’s home and church. When I find something along the way that has charmed me, touched my curiosity or challenged me to deeper understanding; I find joy in exploring it further and inking it. Inking helps me to connect to the natural world. Sharing the images helps to connect me with others.
My items sell between $5.00 and $400.

Mireille & Dennis Munnelly/De Mon Jardin De Mon Jardin is of French origin. My designs of pressed botanical are unique in structure, color and quality. My designs are made with a variety of ferns, ornamental grass, leaves and different flowers. My garden and some of my designs can be viewed on my website. Perfect gifts for Christmas and weddings.

Daphne Nadler/Handbags by Daphne 100% handmade handbags made from luxury and rich fabrics, mostly Italian tapestries.
My bags are one-of-a-kind or in limited edition, very light weight and extremely durable.
They are dazzling accessories for day to evening functions that look beautiful complimenting a
business suit or a dressy outfit, or as a casual companion to a pair of jeans.

Susan Nonn Handcrafted hardshell gourds- I create functional birdhouses and bowls as well as whimsical holiday items.

Gregory V. Pencheff Woodturning Since I first shoveled sawdust in my dad’s Patternmaker’s shop at age 12 I’ve been involved in woodworking. Apprenticing with him taught me to be precise and meticulous, fundamental tenets that reflect in and lend an elegance to my woodturning today. My work encompasses a wide variety of decorative and functional items including artistic hollow forms, fancy walking sticks and canes, natural edged bowls, ornaments, keepsake boxes, bangles and rings, peppermills, salt cellars, bottle stoppers, wine goblets, cheese platters and more. The materials I use are domestic and imported exotic hardwoods, frequently combined in alternating contrasting layers for visual impact.

Margie Samero/Step By Stepping Stones Concrete stepping stones and tables. Margie hand cuts stained glass to make these fun, unique and colorful stepping stones.

Paul Schiffelbein I am a woodworker, with a passion for functional art. Recent major projects include a parquet floor in the 17th C French tradition (pinned mortise-and-tenon joinery), and Arts & Crafts paneling for a living room. My craft show booth will showcase handmade cutting boards and sundial pedestals. I make cutting boards using a broad range of woods, chosen for their hardness and beauty. The boards follow classic architectural geometries, and are assembled using waterproof glues and food-safe finishes. Sundial pedestals are made from solid mahogany, using tongue-and-groove joinery, brass screws, and marine finishes. They offer a beautiful and durable counterpoint to brass and bronze sundials.

Christine Spangler I enjoy designing handwoven pieces that are functional as well as decorative accents. Handwoven scarves, blankets, shawls, table linens and hats are woven on an eight harness floor loom with natural fibers and other textural commercial yarns. My style blends patterns and colors of different weaving techniques that I have studied.

Jeff Stambaugh/Avant-Garden I am a potter from Carlisle, PA specializing in pottery for Ikebana (Japanese style flower arranging) and flower arranging and implementation in general. All of my work is produced on a potter’s wheel and then altered, shaped and ornamented. It’s then electric kiln fired in the stoneware temperature range which allows me to produce a minimal selection of food ware items also. Perhaps one notable difference in this process is my glaze selection. As a beginner I didn’t have the facility for salt-glazed or wood-fired ceramics but was drawn to the look of those types of glazes. I was disappointed with most electric fired glazes I’d seen so I actively sought out creating some glazes that would provide earthier and subtler tones more akin to what was complimentary to flower arranging. An additional note is that I do a lot of arranging in my display to provide shoppers with a fairly thorough idea of ways to use my product and give them a general understanding also; part of that understanding is that you don’t have to be a master arranger to create something simple yet beautiful in an arrangement. I produce a very varied selection of sizes from miniature containers for $7 up to larger centerpiece and tabletop pieces in the $75-$100 range.

Phyllis Stawicki The heads and hands of my Santa’s are sculpted individually from clay. Each one has a different appearance and personality. Giving them a personality is important to me. Their hair is done from lamb’s wool or mohair. I also make their clothes. The sizes are 18-30 inches.

Jim Stevens/ Brandywine Windsors 18th Century traditional Windsor chairs are made by hand using traditional handtools of the period.

Donna Svinis Creative Studios I create one of a kind glass for the home and garden and personal adornment. I use a variety of glass working techniques, such as fusing, lamp work, casting, kiln carving, and sandblasting. Metal and wood is used in bases and stands, and is chosen to enhance the glass. Fun and whimsical items include sun catchers, bird feeders, clocks, and plates. My lamps, glass panels, and bowls explore the qualities of recycled glass. Jewelry focuses on recycled glass combined with chainmail. Each piece is completely hand crafted and unique.

Barbara Tinsman/Bits and Pieces Studio Fabric, threads and yarn are my favorite creative media. They have been part of my life since childhood. Nature inspired art quilts are constructed from commercially printed fabric in a multilayer collage,
Quilted and embellished with threadpainting. One of a kind jackets and accessories reflecting my love of color are quilted and embellished with cotton, silk, rayon and metallic threads. Jackets are designed especially for today’s active life style.

Patricia Brown Tolton/P2 Ware Art Tile Carrying on a century long family tradition in ceramics, Patricia Tolton became a tile and mosaic artist. Her interest started with collecting the pottery where her ancestors worked in the Ohio pottery regions and Stoke-on-the-Trent England. Collecting led to ceramics classes. In the early 1990’s Patricia started studying at the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works in Doylestown, PA. Ten years later, she opened her own studio and started making tile. Patricia combines her family history in the Arts and Crafts movement and twenty years as a landscape designer to create her modern version of Arts and Crafts tile.

Paulette Visceglia/Visceglia Designs Paulette creates “one of a kind,” hand-painted scarves, garments and evening bags, using hand painting techniques on pure silk. She has participated in numerous juried art shows, galleries, and open studio events throughout the United States. In the spring of 2009 she won best of show at the Peddlers Village annual Art and Craft show.
Her work is inspired by many great artists, including Picasso, Matisse, Miro, Kandinsky, O’Keefe and Chagall. She is not afraid to use bold colors such as rich reds and greens, beautiful blues and vivacious purples. Yet she also incorporates softer shades, such as browns, deep greens and grays, into her flowing designs.

Yandong Wang/Yan’s Art Studio One-of-a-kind copper works, sculptures, ornaments, using recycled industrial metals.

Kathleen Welch/Floorcloths by Kate My floorcloths are hand painted originals. The unique thing about floorcloths is with proper care and use; they can be passed on for generations! I hope you enjoy exploring my web page!

Patricia Whitman/Links and Pearls Links and Pearls jewelry includes a collection of uniquely designed, flexible, and fluid chainmail necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, hand-knotted pearl necklaces, and gem-set pendants. The jewelry is handcrafted of sterling silver, 14k gold fill, and/or niobium and sometimes includes pearls, semi-precious stones, and lampwork glass. The pieces are classics that can be enjoyed in this lifetime and passed down to future ones. The inspiration for each piece of jewelry comes from beauty and strength that is created by the repetitive, consistent precision work.

Wayne Wright/Regina Wright WTW Pens offers handcrafted ballpoint, fountain, and rollerball pens for those seeking a unique writing experience. Each pen is hand turned on a lathe, meticulously assembled, hand sanded and polished to a high gloss finish ensuring a perfectly balanced writing instrument. Materials include wood, TruStone, acrylic, ebonite, aluminum and hand cast custom resins.


Specialty Food Market Vendors

Carrie Balthaser/Basic Batters Basic Batters is a gluten and dairy free bakery located in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Our ingredients are all natural and organic.  Our customers have told us that we have the best texture and flavor they have ever tasted when it comes to gluten free baked goods. We are excited to be a vendor at the Hagley Craft Fair on October 19th & 20th 2013. We will provide free samples of the products that will be for sale at the fair which are noted below:

 4pk - $3
Oatmeal Cranberry Cookie w/ a hint of cinnamon soft-n-chewy
Tropical Chocolate Chip Cookie w/ a hint of coconut flavor
Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie made with organic mint

Doughnut Bites:
 4pk - $3.50
Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut Bites  made with organic pumpkin --- baked not fried

2pk - $6.75
Apple Cranberry Muffins made with organic apples and organic cranberries


Dee Elkins/JD Gourmet 25-year aged Italian Balsamic vinegar & Olive Oil Blends. Our Balsamic Vinegar is aged to Perfection!
All of our blending is done in the US.
Large bottles $20/ea. Small bottles $11.00ea.
Flavors: Traditional Balsamic, Raspberry Balsamic, Cherry Balsamic, Blackberry Balsamic, Blood Orange Balsamic, White Balsamic with Pear, White Balsamic with Mango, White Balsamic with Passion Fruit, Basil Garlic Parmesan Oil, Rosemary & Sage Oil, Jalapeno Oil, Meyer Lemon Oil, Truffle Oil, Balsamic & Garlic Oil, Asian Sesame & Ginger Oil.

Adrienne Gage/Gage Family Beekeeping We sell local honey and pollen in various styles and sizes. We also offer honey sticks/straws.
Liquid honey is bottled as small as 6oz. for $5 and as large as 3lbs. for $18. There are several sizes in between. Creamed honey is $10 for 1 lb., sugared honey is $8 for 1 lb., and pollen is $12 for ½ lb.
Honey sticks/straws are $.25 each.

Maigan Namiotka/MoJo’s Pop Co. We are mother-daughter team working together to make delicious popcorn treats.  The business began with Maureen’s Toffee and Almond Popcorn over 20 years ago. The popcorn was an instant hit and inspired a business. Now we have combined high quality ingredients and unique recipes to create new flavors. Our fall 2013 flavor is Pumpkin Spiced Pecan. Come taste samples of our products at the Hagley Museum on Oct. 19-20. We will be selling a variety of our flavors and sizes with prices ranging from $5-$18.   All Natural, Gluten Free.  Made with Love.

Mistress of Spice Our spice blends are a blending of aromatic herbs and exotic spices used to create unique rubs, and spice blends.

Andrea Polizzi/Waffatopia Waffatopia caramelized waffles bring a unique artisan product to the foodie community. Based on a centuries old European street treat, our dough made waffles contain hints of cinnamon, vanilla and a sweet crunch of caramelized Pearl Sugar. We also have other varieties stuffed with dark Belgian chocolate. Take home our freshly wrapped waffles by the 4 pak or 6 pak to share a special treat with friends and family. Our waffle paks start at $10 and range up to $20 for 6 paks. A wonderful fall treat for those looking to break the norm of ordinary breakfasts and desserts.

Billy Rawstrom/Maiale Deli & Salumeria We sell artisanal sausages and salumi.  We make over 20 different types of fresh sausage.  We make pork, chicken, lamb, wild boar, and duck sausages.
We also make Italian salumi.  Varieties include:  Sopressata, Tuscan and Finocchiona.
Our prices range from 6.95 lb. to 12.95 for our sausage.

Krista and Zachary Scudlark/Backyard Jams and Jellies I started making jams and jellies 25 years ago! My name is Krista Scudlark, and my business is Backyard Jams and Jellies. The first jelly that I made was Green Hot Pepper Jelly, with peppers that we had grown in our backyard. I gave it to my friends as a Christmas gift. Now, my little hobby has blossomed into a full time business! I make over 70 varieties of handmade jams and jellies, and 3 types of mustard. (17 flavors of hot pepper jelly!) We still use peppers, berries, and grapes from our backyard. We sell at Farmer’s Markets throughout the state, and we can also be found at produce stands, bakeries and fine gourmet stores. I sell my jellies for $5.95. At markets, and craft fairs, I have a special: 3 for $16.00.