Job Purpose:

Work with the Senior Arborist to prune, treat, and cut out dead and undesirable limbs on ornamental and shade trees and shrubs to improve their appearance, health, value, and safety.  Provide life support (e.g. ropes, rigging) and meet equipment needs of Supervisor, Grounds and Arboriculture while in trees.  Remove fallen trees, branches, and shrubs.  Help plant, transplant, apply pesticides, and provide other necessary tree care operations.  Assist with other grounds maintenance and service division projects including emergency clean-up operations after inclement weather.  May be asked to assist with Special Events activities.

Specific Duties:

  • Render life support with ropes, rigging, and aerial lift.
  • Supply all necessary tools to Senior Arborist such as chain, pole, or hand saws; protective materials; roping and other rigging supplies.
  • Remove fallen limbs and trees and help dispose of them in chipper or by using other means of disposal.
  • Assist in judicious take downs or lowering of large branches or sections of trees around buildings and visitor areas.
  • Work with the Senior Arborist to prune, trim, remove, and treat trees and shrubs.  This will entail using ladders or rigging to work in trees and working on ground.  Also entails use of chain saws, pole saws, hand saws, pruning hooks, shears, long handled clippers, roping, rigging, and other equipment.  This work may be done simultaneously with the Senior Arborist or working alone in trees with the Senior Arborist providing life support and assistance.
  • With the Senior Arborist, survey property and recommend appropriate procedures to be taken with dormant, diseased, dead, or unattractive trees and shrubs.
  • Help plant, transplant, apply pesticides, and provide other necessary tree care operations.
  • Maintain saws, rigging, safety equipment, and other tools in proper working condition.
  • When necessary, direct other groundskeepers when assisting with tree and limb removal.
  • Monitor work environment and target job performance to comply with federal, state, and Hagley safety policies.  Take responsibility for wearing safety equipment as required including gloves, ear plugs, safety glasses or goggles, helmet, and steel-tipped safety boots.
  • Assist grounds maintenance and other service division crews in projects as assigned by grounds maintenance supervisor including emergency clean-up operations after inclement weather.
  • May assist with Special Events activities including set up, take down, parking, etc.
  • Assist with removal of trees, logs and other debris from dams and head gates.
  • Other duties as assigned by your supervisor


High School Diploma/ GED equivalent, 2 year’s relevant work experience, Arborist certification/degree preferred. Working knowledge of arboriculture equipment (e.g. saws, rigging, shears, and chippers) and proper techniques for tying knots for tipping, lowering, and climbing trees.  Ability to understand and follow oral instructions.  Valid driver's license. Ability to work occasional evenings and weekends for Special Events and emergency clean-up operations. Excellent physical condition to perform moderate to heavy labor for extended periods of time in varying weather conditions plus ability to climb trees and ladders to 50+ foot heights.