Hagley is seeking a full-time Horticulturist to participate in landscaping activities on the property.  In consultation with the Supervisor, Gardens and Horticulture the candidate is responsible primarily for the care of all plants in the E. I. du Pont Restored Garden.  Maintain the garden, orchard, and surrounding area in exhibit condition including responsibility for labeling plants and preparing appropriate records on the plantings.  Assist in research for planning and design of historical gardens. Responsible for other specialized horticultural tasks throughout the Hagley property as assigned.  Occasional weekend duty in the greenhouse is required.  Train volunteers as assigned to assist in the E. I. garden.

Specific Duties:

•    Daily maintenance of E. I. du Pont Restored Garden area including scheduling, planting, weeding, watering, pruning, raking, mowing, etc.

•    Prepare annual records on all bulbs, perennials, annuals, vegetables, and fruit trees in E. I. du Pont Restored Garden.

•    Perform specialized horticultural tasks including plant propagation, budding, grafting, and espalier training of fruit trees and maintenance of nursery as required. 

•    Will possibly be assigned occasional weekend duty in the greenhouse to provide basic care for plants. 

•    Other duties as assigned by Supervisor, Gardens and Horticulture.

Requirements:  BA/BS degree in the field of horticulture or closely related discipline required.  Experience in vegetable cultivation, pomology and espaliered treatment of fruit trees.  Knowledge of plant propagation, pruning, plant physiology, and soil science.  Ability to communicate knowledge orally and in written form.  Ability to carry out moderate to heavy manual labor under varying weather conditions for extended periods of time.  Good physical condition.  Delaware commercial pesticide applicator's license required upon hire. Valid driver's license required.

Resume and cover letter should be sent to:

Hagley Museum and Library
Personnel Support Services
P.O. Box 3630
Wilmington, DE 19807

Email: careers@hagley.org