Volunteer Program Manager

Supervisor:    Director, Personnel Support Services

Supervises:    Directly: Handwork Group and Office Volunteers.
    Indirectly: All volunteers placed at Hagley.

Major Responsibilities:  
This position leads the effort to analyze, identify, and evaluate volunteer staffing needs of Hagley and connect people and organizations with appropriate skills, knowledge, and time to those needs.  Responsible for the overall direction of Hagley’s Volunteer Engagement and the recruitment, hiring, orienting, assigning, and evaluating of volunteer staff.  Cultivates relationships with social, civic and local organizations to raise awareness of Hagley’s volunteer opportunities and build a diverse base of volunteers.  Coordinate and manage volunteer participation in all areas of the organization. Collaborate with staff throughout the organization to assist in filling their volunteer needs.  Create and monitor budget for volunteer program.  This is an exempt position.

Specific Duties:

•    Develop, administer, and review policies and procedures (including Volunteer Handbook) which guide the volunteer program and reflect the overall values of Hagley.

•    Identify volunteer assignments and write the volunteer position descriptions in consultation with staff as appropriate.

•    Recruit, interview, and screen volunteers (individuals, groups, corporations, schools) for interpretation, exhibits and programs, special events, garden work, library and archives, and other roles as needed.  

•    Manage and assign projects to volunteers.  Communicate, update, support and collaborate with each division so volunteer needs can be met across the organization.  Train staff to work effectively and cooperatively with volunteers.  Work with volunteer supervisors to evaluate volunteer effectiveness. 

•    Develop community relationships that advance Hagley’s mission and increase the volunteer pool.  Forge and maintain relationships with other volunteer administration organizations to cultivate new networks of volunteers.

•    Initiate publicity about the volunteer program, trainings, and openings in collaboration with Marketing Manager and through various social media sites.  Create and contribute articles for Hagley Magazine quarterly.

•    Supervise volunteers assigned to Handwork Group and Volunteer Office.    

•    Maintain database of volunteer contact information, years and hours worked, training completed, emergency contact information, background checks completed, etc. 

•    Assist with the development, planning, supervision, and administration of volunteers working at Hagley special events; schedule staff to assist with volunteer check-in at larger special events.

•    Create, plan, implement, and collaborate with staff to recognize volunteers at a special event held annually in April; create occasional opportunities for building volunteer networks and camaraderie within Hagley; and send thank you gifts and cards when appropriate.

•    Administer and monitor expenditures for the volunteer program against the approved budget.

•    Other duties as assigned by the Director, Personnel Support Services.

Supervise and motivate volunteers, manage & work well with diverse paid and unpaid staff, deal with high stress situations, make decisions quickly, give clear directions, stand and walk for extended periods, and create and implement training sessions.  Possess excellent communication, organizational, leadership, customer service, project management, and interpersonal skills.  Maintain humor with flexibility, patience and ability to delegate properly.  Be comfortable communicating and working through email, phone, some social media, mail, and in person.  Have computer skills in Office programs.  Be interested in the industrial, technological, and social history of the Hagley site.  Be willing to work occasional evenings and weekends.  Bachelors or Master’s Degree preferred and/or equivalent experience in volunteer management.  Volunteer Administration Professional Certificate or Degree a plus.

To Apply:
Email resumes directly to careers@hagley.org