Hagley Craft Fair

Hagley Craft Fair

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category: Adult Programs, Family Programs  |  location: Library, Upper property

Hagley's two-day Hagley Craft Fair is held in two of Hagley’s historic buildings and brings more than fifty talented artisans from the Mid-Atlantic area to display and sell fine arts, crafts, and gourmet items. The show features works in wood, pottery, jewelry, fibers, metal, and other media, and includes a specialty outdoor food market. 

Non-members: $5
Members and children five and under: free 

GPS Address: 298 Buck Road in Wilmington, Delaware, 19807 (Buck Road entrance)




Feather Stitches Bags / Mary Adams

I enjoy the challenge of mixing different types of fabrics, colors, and textures to create bags that are distinctive as well as functional and fun to carry.

The many sizes and styles of bags are all my designs and are individually hand crafted by me.  I use mostly decorator fabrics, which are interfaced rather than quilted so they retain their shape and durability while remaining lightweight.  All include numerous pockets inside and out to keep everything stylishly organized.

Shoppers have the option to select from the many bags on display, or design their own perfect bag, hand crafted to their specifications, for their very own “designer” bag!

I am a juried member of the Chester County Craft Guild and a member of the American Sewing Guild.


Little Bird Hats/Nancy Alejandro, Milliner

My millinery interest began in the costume shop at the DelawareREP, where I work as a stitcher. I started taking classes and accumulating hat blocks and Little Bird Hats began.

My designs are a chic and modern take on vintage fashion, made for both special occasions and every day wear. I use both wool felt and a range of more luxurious fur felts, as well as a variety of straw.  All pieces are made by hand from fine materials, right here in Delaware.  

Prices range from around $50 to $200.


Allen D. Androkites/Shaker Boxes and Ukuleles

Shaker boxes were produced by the Shakers from 1798 to 1950. My objective is to produce original Shaker designs by following their traditional techniques and then to add a personal twist. This process involves steam bending unique and different woods together to create curved wooden boxes. The boxes are held together with small copper tacks and wooden pegs. After careful formation, a hand rubbed oil finish is applied to produce a well-crafted object that is both functional and beautiful.

My current motivation and discovery has been building ukuleles. Many of the techniques used to make Shaker boxes have been carried over to the ukulele building. Using unique woods and luthier techniques an object that looks good and sounds terrific is created.


Arden Bardol

Arden is an artist & architect who creates wearable art. Polymer Clay is my medium. Color, texture & shape my tools. Using polymer and mixed metals as my palette, my art is inspired by nature's graceful forms combined with clean geometric shapes. Simple forms combined to create intricate, layered compositions feminine, classic, & playful. The overall effect is clean, modern and inviting art jewelry. Each of Arden’s pieces is one of a kind. Arden is a NICHE Awards Winner, and 2017 NEA Artist Fellow from Delaware. Price points range from $75-$500.


Andrea Barrier

I make etched copper and sterling wire jewelry. The copper is acid etched with hand drawn designs and then combined with semi-precious stones to make earrings, bracelets and necklaces. I try to repeat the designs from the natural stone when possible. The copper and sterling silver wire art is hand formed, hammered, tumbled, and then assembled into one of a kind jewelry pieces using natural stone or handmade glass. Stones are prong set and components are soldered for durability. Silver settings are hand stamped and worked/formed.


Partnership Crafts/ Joan Betzold

Joan Betzold, a basket weaver and teacher for over 25 years, attends 40+ art, folk art, colonial, fiber and gardening shows a year.  Joan designs, dyes the fibers, and weaves her original baskets using centuries old techniques without nails, glue or staples.  She is well-known for her award-winning custom designs as well as unusual baskets incorporating vintage tools, kitchen items, antlers, or a treasured piece from a loved one. She teaches weaving at several local museums, a nature center as well as privately. For several years she has been asked to serve as the basket weaving judge at the Maryland State Fair.  


Anna Biggs Designs

The desire for versatility in wear ability in my work is one of my top priorities when I make my jewelry.   Not only do I want my jewelry to have that luxurious quality that comes from hand carving the unique gold and silver elements, but I also want the esthetic to excite for generation.  Timeless yet fun.  “Classic with a Twist”

Influenced by the natural world and my endless love of architecture and the amazing carving to be found in old buildings and furniture.

My hope is that my pieces will be passed from mother to daughter for generations, always being modern and classic mixed. 


Zachary Bloom

Designing jewelry is my passion and gemstones have been an inspiration to me for as long as I can remember! As a child, I was exposed to beautiful stones by my father who is a California gemstone cutter. My creative process as a designer starts with the journey to buy my gemstones. I travel worldwide to find beautiful gems. I hand pick every stone to ensure its quality. I envision my designs as artistic expressions of wearable art. When beginning a new piece of jewelry, I play with contrasting color schemes at my design table. I will choose a variety of colors that move me on an aesthetic level. Mixing bold colors and top quality gems that are custom cut into unique shapes is what I am best known for. I then begin to handcraft the piece using different techniques such as soldering, hammering, wire-wrapping and beading, depending on the type of design I am working on. My end product must always be different then what I have previously designed which therefore forces me to always be as creative as possible.


Elisabeth Jönsson Brown

When designing my handwoven fabrics, I am very much influenced by my Swedish heritage. Selecting the finest of yarns, I create distinctive texture and color combinations.  Weaving patterns that I mostly use are tabby, herringbone and different twill variations.  I have a wide selection of fabrics made from blends of silk, rayon, cotton, chenille; others are made with wool and mohair yarns. 

My fashions are meticulously tailored and styled along timeless classical lines, making them sensible choices for almost any occasion.


Nancy Bryant

I describe my work in metal as contemporary with texture. By using raw materials, tools and a torch I combine these elements with unique gems and minerals. Reticulation is a great texture done with a torch, and when I oxidize the metal, it settles into the textures to give the piece a rustic nature.

I hand build each piece, adding elements to the metal , and using hand built bezel settings and prong set stones.


Katherine Cheetham

My work includes multi-layered fused glass panels designed to be hung in windows or displayed on mantels, tabletops or in cabinet doors.  Many of my pieces have inclusions of natural elements and copper.  I enjoy using found materials and repurposed frames.  My panels are best viewed in natural light.  I also make flame worked glass pendants and holiday ornaments along with fused plates, platters and bowls that have been draped, raked or slumped. 



Angela Colasanti

VIELÄ is a sterling silver jewelry company celebrating the many facets of life. All of our designs are fresh pressed from a palette of living objects including wildflowers, grasses, leaves, shells and sea life. Angela begins by sampling textures directly from nature, capturing the detail, beauty and complexity of our surroundings. Through a multi-step process, she transposes these natural textures into interpretive sterling silver and bronze jewelry, with some accented in gold, pearls, precious and semi-precious gemstones. VIELÄ Jewelry was founded in 2014, and is located in bucolic Chester County. The two signature collections are the Walking Trail Collection and the Endless Ocean Collection.


Cooley Ceramics/ John Cooley

I make a variety of home and garden décor and serving pieces that feature whimsical creatures, each individually modeled and painted.


Kathy Cooper

Creating Art for the Floor I use the most innovative technology to combine canvas, paint, recycled felt base/rubber backing and binding for a new kind of floor covering. Original paintings and limited edition prints are crafted into functional modern floorcloths for any room on the floor or the wall.



The Fairy Potter/ Sue Ann Cox

Fairy lore dates back hundreds of years.   The tradition continues with the resurgence of fairy garden enthusiasts.  Every fairy garden needs a home and every fairy house is all weather and can be displayed indoors or outdoors.

The Fairy Potter fairy homes are hand built with natural white clay and glazes and fired twice to cone 6 temperatures.  Each design is original, hand built, and one of a kind, conceived and sculpted by artist, Sue Ann Cox.  Designs are based on the language of the flora and fauna of the world which adds to the unique appeal of the designs.



Rick Cross

I paint with acrylics and watercolors.  I also enjoy creating pen & ink drawings.  Most of my original works sell for between $75 and $300 which includes the frame.  I also sell prints of some of my works starting at $10 which come with a mat and enclosed in a cellophane bag.   


Starland by Hand/ Joan Danoff

I hand forge modern and affordable, sterling silver and copper jewelry integrating various metalsmithing techniques including patinas, keum boo, riveting, sandblasting, etching, enameling and forming.

I love to combine metals and many of my pieces mix red brass, copper and sterling silver.

Many of my pieces are in collections throughout the U.S. and abroad.  I am self-taught and have been designing and making my jewelry for over 28 years.....and counting.  I am lucky to be doing what I love!


Painted Sky Alpaca Farm & Fiber Mill/ Linda Dickinson

We own Painted Sky Alpaca Farm & Fiber Mill located in Cecil County, MD. We raise Huacaya Alpacas which are bred for their fantastic fiber. It is a rare specialty fiber since it is one of the softest fibers in the world, it is hypoallergenic and it is a hollow core fiber which offers a very high insulation value. It is 4-5 times warmer than wool. We have 35 alpacas on our farm which are sheared annually. 

We have our own fiber mill on the farm (there are only 100 fiber mills in the US) where we process our raw fleeces into beautiful natural color blends,  multi-fiber blends and hand painted yarns and rovings which are used to create our finished goods. We offer a variety of hand knit, hand crochet, and hand woven US Made Finished Goods such as shawls, hats, scarves, gloves, wraps, alpaca dryer balls, felted soaps and more. Each finished good includes a photo of the alpaca who lovingly donated their fiber to make these gorgeous pieces. We sell our products at festivals and in our gift shop.  



Monocacy Forge/Steve Dill

A Blacksmith and metal work studio crafting custom, ornamental ironwork for home or business or public spaces. 



Tom Ferrie

Windsor seating start as logs.  Seats are cut from the log using a chainsaw mill. Other parts are split from logs using traditional hand tools and are turned on a lathe. Some parts are further shaped on a shavehorse using drawknives and spokeshaves. Whatever is not used in chair parts will either be used to make walking sticks/canes, pens, or other wooden items, or become firewood.


Windsor chairs ($900-500), stools ($150-10), and benches ($300-200), and other wooden items such as walking sticks/canes ($99-60), pens ($99-40), drink caddies ($75-60) and snowmen ($25-50).



Silver Fox Pottery/ Carole Fox

I make unique porcelain and stoneware pottery for function and beauty. My porcelain pottery is sometimes hand-carved and the stoneware is for use on the table and in the oven. All of my work is glazed using glazes that I mix in my studio. Most of my work is made on the potter’s wheel, though I sometimes roll out sheets of clay and work with them as well.


Give A Fig/Suzanne Gaadt

Give A Fig, award winning designer, illustrator, and writer, Suzanne Gaadt, creates beautiful original artwork in watercolor and mixed media. Her original art and limited edition, signed prints of her art have been exhibited in the USA and Italy. She designs cards and gifts featuring her exquisitely detailed and colorful original art. Gift items include premium, 100% cotton tea towels, fine pillows with down-like inserts, notebooks and journals, planners, calendars, gift tags, and more. Her work is available at many fine shops in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, and Vermont, as well as online at Etsy and gaadt.com


Olga Ganoudis

Olga Ganoudis, an internationally renowned jewelry designer, continues to create a stir in the fashion world by gaining much attention from her collection designed for HBO’s “Game of Thrones” and previously, from the ABC television hit series “LOST”. This extensive television exposure allowed a large audience throughout the world to see bracelets, rings, and necklaces inspired from the airplane’s metals and islands stones seen in Lost.  And, of course, the absolutely magical dinosaur eggs are from “Game of Thrones”. 

Innovativeness and creativeness have always attracted her clients.  Her aesthetic expressions reflect not only the wonderful strengths and liveliness of her personality, but also her travel experiences, her eagerness to meet new people and an enthusiastic exposure to the art, history and culture of the world including her own rich Greek heritage.  These artistic influences create the foundation of her work and creative journey. Olga’s “brand” marries style, an ever developing craftsmanship and an alluring array of stones, metals and textures.  

Considering the important role that the surface can play in jewelry, it is natural for Olga to focus on the fundamental forms born from the organic or biomorphic shapes of stones. From here, the integration of texture on such materials as silver, bronze and copper into the unique natural colors of semi-precious stones evolves into her unique jewelry design. It is as simple and as complex as the juxtaposition of a hard grainy texture next to the smooth surface of a pearl that creates a nearly mystical visual experience.  

Olga’s most recent work includes cuff bracelets featuring raw-looking stones and textured metals, made for both men and women. "I'm really into earthy stuff right now”, says Olga.

Olga’s designs can be seen in galleries and shops, as well as the various craft shows in the Northeast. 


Lara Ginzburg

Her work, including articles she has written on jewelry making, appears in numerous publications and is exhibited nationally in galleries and art shows.  The ancient art of enameling dates to the Hellenistic Era.  Lara uses this historic medium to create unique pieces. Her jewelry reflects her inner vision inspired by her love of life, nature, the ancient world, and her travels to places near and far. Handcrafted in sterling silver and high carat gold, her heirloom quality jewelry is unique, affordable and comfortable to wear. Her jewelry continuously interacts with its wearer, expressing its owner’s sense of beauty.


Happyrock Pottery/ Susan Gladstone

My work consists of functional and non-functional pottery. Pieces are fired in an electric kiln or a raku kiln.


Scott S. Gold II

I hand carve (hew) wooden bowls and other treenware items from trees that are damaged and headed to the fireplace, or mulch yard.  Some are traditional, some are more modern in their design. 


Maisy’s Market/Megan Graham

We are a small team of carpenters and artists who have turned our love into a business. We hand make furniture and decor, all based out of Wilmington, DE. We support two non-profits, The Elevatus Foundation- where we fund education programs for individuals and Chenoa Manor Animal Sanctuary- where we provide financial support as well as provide bedding made from our wood scraps. Our prices range from $3/per item all the way up to $900 (larger items, like dining tables). Our theory is that everyone should be able to be able to purchase something from our little shop!  


Reclaimed Creations/Heidi Hammel

Starting with fulled, reclaimed wool sweaters, I construct hats, mittens and scarves. Using my own patterns, I cut out the wool pieces & the fleece lining and then serge, top stitch and hand sew each piece. By repurposing something as familiar as a sweater into an unexpected piece of wearable art, my work provokes puzzled grins, the urge to reach out and touch and then chuckles of recognition. 



Harmony Weavers Guild

Harmony Weavers Guild has been in existence for nearly 50 years and fosters the love of textile arts. We are a group of creative textile and fiber enthusiasts who get together monthly for inspiration, education and fun. Our booth will sell items that are all handmade by our members and will include handwoven, basketry, knitting and crocheting and possibly other fiber arts.  In the past, members have also submitted polymer clay jewelry and shawl pins that can be used to accent the many shawls and wraps. The selections in our booth will cover a variety of price points (i.e., we can offer something for everyone).  


Philip Hauser Woodturnings

Philip Hauser has been a woodturner since 1987. His objective is to emphasize the natural beauty and the imperfections of whole pieces of wood. Mother Nature produces an infinite variety of interesting shapes and contortions, and Philip’s goal is to work with the natural flow to create pleasing pieces of turned wood. He is committed to creating traditionally shaped pieces for everyday use as well as for decoration.

He likes to turn local woods including cherry, maple, black walnut, black locust, hickory, as well as some other less know species. In addition, some of his pieces use more exotic imports such as coolibah, red gum,   eucalyptus and ebony to name a few.  In the last few years he has discovered mesquite, a desert tree with excellent stability, colors and wood grain.

Philip Hauser is a long time member of the American Association of Woodturners. He is a member of the Bucks Turners in PA, the First State Turners in New Castle, DE and he is the former President of the DelVal Turners in Moorestown, NJ. Since 2004 he is a State juried member of the Pennsylvania Craft Guild.

He exhibits his work at the Center for Art in Wood in Philadelphia, at the 43 Canal Studio in New Hope, PA and at the Brookfield Craft Center in Brookfield, CT.

Over the last few years he has been an exhibitor at a number of juried craft shows in the region, such as: the Perkins Center in Collingswood, NJ, the New Hope Arts Center show “Works in Wood”, the Princeton Craft show; the Lincoln Center Craft Show in New York City, the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen, the Hagley Museum craft show in Wilmington, DE and most recently the Black Rock Gallery in Germantown, Maryland, as well as others.


Little Egg Harbor Soap Company/ Jeannine Holland

A family run business making small batch handmade vegan soaps. 



Pam Horstmann

Since 1980 I have been designing, creating, and marketing wearable art that consists of scarfs, hats, vests, coats, and jackets. I incorporate warp painting, weaving, knitting, felting, and creative stitching to create unique one of a kind garments and accessories. My work is constantly evolving as I continue to explore the use of color, different materials, and a variety of textile design techniques.


Debbie Huff

I am a local artist in the area and paint with alcohol ink: on ceramic for decorative art, trivets and coasters; and I make collages which I mount on Birchwood panels and seal with resin.  Colors are really rich and vibrant!


Jessica Keemer

I am a state board member for PA guild of craftsmen. I currently teach jewelry and glass. My work is made from Borosilicate glass rods and tubing.  Each piece is made on an oxygen propane torch and kiln annealed overnight.  All components are made from sterling silver or 18 k gold findings or sheet.  All components are hand fabricated by me.  

My work ranges in price from 20-600 Dollars. 

The middle range is about 35.00 for earrings and plain glass pieces are about 35.00. 


Peggy Keil

Beautiful, fine quality fabrics, mostly woolens, combined with precise and detailed craftsmanship, result in top notch, functional handbags, quilts and pillows.  Each handbag has numerous zippered pockets, making organization easy. Inside pockets hold keys and cell phone. All quilts are 100% cotton flannel innerlined and "tied" with various types of buttons. Pillows are all backed with soft and durable ultrasuede with a hidden Velcro opening to allow for easy removal of a down/feather inner form. This makes for ease in dry cleaning.


Celeste Kelly Mosaics

"My mosaics are made from stained glass, tile, mirror, bottles & other found objects. I make all my own ceramic tiles and grind each piece of stained glass. I use a cement adhesive to attach each piece then grout the entire mosaic to a base that is a combination of cement, ceramics and fiberglass. 



Janet Kofoed

The daughter of a military officer and NASA engineer, Janet Kofoed's work is influenced by the many countries where she has lived. Her love of science and nature is also reflected in her jewelry designs, often casting natural textures and objects in silver. She studied jewelry making at the Smithsonian Institution, and has been creating unique pieces in silver, brass, copper and semiprecious stones in her Drexel Hill studio for more than thirty years.


Pam Krim

KrimArtGlass is a cooperative effort between Pam Krim and David Krim creating a variety of art glass, from the traditional to the alternative, using the copper foil (Tiffany) method.

From glass and shells, we create original designs ranging from framed art to free-standing multi-dimensional creatures. Even the smallest items are one-of-a-kind. We focus on flowers and “flyers”, including butterflies, moths, dragonflies and birds and occasionally deviate to angels of shell and glass.

Our pricing range for smaller pieces - $18 (shell pendants and butterflies in flight) - $50 (large shell angels). Framed and multi-dimensional art range is $65 - $150.

Our website, www.KrimArtGlass.com, features some of the items we have created.


Darlene Lindell

My wallets are hand made from quilt weight cottons and decorative fabrics with select coordinate linings. They are $32.00 each or 2 for $60.00. Each wallet has six credit card slots, a zippered coin pocket, and two pockets for $ bills and they even have enough room for a cell phone. The wristlet handle is removable to turn the wallet into a clutch. Keep it in your handbag and use it for a quick trip into the store or use it for an evening out. They make great gifts.

I have sold these at Arden for the past six years. Special orders are welcome; special themes such as library books, DNA strands and sports teams have been made upon request.


Pure Scents Candle Company/Margaret Mace

Pure Scents Candle Company makes 100% Soy Wax Candles that burn clean, without the carbon emitted from burning paraffin candles. Our unique fragrances are created from blends of natural and essential oils to scent your space beautifully. Our candles are hand poured in micro batches to ensure that each candle is expertly crafted. We source our ingredients from the finest US suppliers. Pure Scents is located in West Chester, PA.   



Ramona T. Maziarz

I am a pen and ink artist. My technique is a simple one, a metal nib dipped into a bottle of ink and touched to paper to draw one line after another.  Standing on soft moss in the woods, listening to nature under the trees, that is my heart's home and church.  When I find something along the way that has charmed me, touched my curiosity or challenged me to deeper understanding; I find joy in exploring it further and inking it.  Inking helps me to connect to the natural world. Sharing the images helps to connect me with others.   www.delawareartist.com


Kickin Chicken Photography/Brian McCaffrey

Digital photography kiln-fired onto ceramic tiles for a lifetime of enjoyment -- single tiles or murals, framed or unframed, trivets, etc., possibilities are endless!


Sweet Bay Fiber and Forge/Barry & Donna Mentzer

Begun in 1999, Sweet Bay Fiber and Forge is actually the story of our childhood dreams becoming reality. As children, Barry always wanted to blacksmith and Donna wanted to weave.  After careers spent teaching and designing landscapes, it was back to school to learn weaving and forging. Delving deeper into our crafts, Barry found he needed to learn to make brooms to complete fireplace sets and Donna found spinning and dying would add to her weaving. Nineteen years later, finds us surrounded by looms, anvils, broom corn, dye pots and spinning wheels.  We love our time spent touching history.


De Mon Jardin/Mireille Munnelly

My focus is original pressed botanicals, ferns and ornamental grasses.  All the plants come from my garden.  My designs, with their clean lines and use of nature’s vibrant colors, work well to complement traditional and contemporary décor.  My olive wood frames reflect my Provencal background, having grown up in the south of France.  A custom made acid free mat completes my work.  The result is that each piece is unique, with no two designs being the same.  


Erin Newcomb

Newcomb's love for color always shines through her work.  She uses layers of acrylic paint to create her realistic landscapes. Whether she paints on wood or canvas, she captures movement in her paintings with expressive and constructive brushstrokes. When painting on repurposed wood, both the wood and the painting tell the story through Newcomb's eyes. Nature, adventure, and emotions inspire Newcomb.   She paints from her travels around the world as well as the East coast. Size of her work ranges from 5 in x 8 in to 30 in x 20 in. Price points range from $25.00 to $400.00.


Naturally Yours/Suzi Nonn

I create decorative and functional bowls and birdhouses, as well as whimsical seasonal items. Starting with a dried gourd, I cut or carve designs inspired by nature. For color, I use dyes or inks that not only penetrate the gourd surface, but also enhance the fundamental gourd patterns. Many of my gourds are embellished with natural materials. 



Karen O’Lone-Hahn

The bulk of my art career has been spent as a painter, having become known in the region for my bright, colorful and very whimsical cow paintings. In need of a new challenge, 6 years ago I undertook learning to make pottery and have been addicted to it ever since. Like most novices, I started out experimenting with many shapes, styles and glazes before settling into what makes sense for me as a former painter- illustrating my pots. My body of work is created using both white stoneware clay and porcelain. I use several methods of decoration including sgraffito, mishima, slip trailing and painting with underglazes. I create and design uniquely shaped objects with the intent to elevate their everyday functionality into a flight of fancy and delight.  Prices range from $40- $300. 



Greg Pencheff Woodworking

My work includes a wide variety of decorative and functional items:  art pieces, bowls, walking sticks, canes, ornaments, goblets, lidded boxes, bangles rings and more.  I use domestic and imported hardwoods, often combined in alternating contrasting layers for visual impact.   

The material for much of my work is first machined and laminated into contrasting sections before turning, assembly and finishing.  Finishes vary depending on intended use.

Item prices range from $10 to $275 with the majority of items $35 - $100. 


Tonya Perri

Each piece of jewelry is made from kiln fired porcelain clay with a white and yellow gold luster accent. The pieces are hand sculpted, cut out, textured and hand painted with several colors or color is added into the clay to create a natural stone marbled look. The pieces are then embellished with sterling silver accents and a variety of seed beads, crystals, stones, sterling chain, and leather cords. Price points range from $20-$150.


Molas4U/Roberto Quintero

Colorful handmade shoes & accessories.


She Got Glass/Lisa Sabol

I love to use a lot of bright colors in my fused glass.  I think that is important when designing a fun piece of artwork.  I want it to stand out in the room it’s displayed.  I use multiple layers of glass to give it depth.  I am always amazed at the end result.  It can come out the way you want it to be or the total opposite.  I make fused glass plates, bowls, and vases. They make a great gift for all occasions or gift for yourself.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy fusing.   



Mindy Silver

Starting with individually hand rolled slabs of clay, I hand build all of my ceramic pieces. My background in graphic design and children’s art education has been a great asset as I design whimsical, functional and decorative pieces. With a deep love of nature, derived from family time spent in Maine, I am drawn to simple forms that can be enhanced using patterns and textures infused with a little “attitude”.  


Christine Spangler

Scarves, Shawls, Blankets, Hats, Placemats and Table Runners are hand woven with natural fibers and blends including cotton, wool, silk and bamboo on an 8 Harness floor loom. Weaving techniques utilized are plain weave, basket weave, twill, double weave, and overshot patterns. Wool blankets are woven double width. Finishing techniques are applied depending upon fiber content. All hand-woven items are laundered before selling.


Jeff Stambaugh

Stoneware pottery for floral design and Ikebana and some food ware items also. All work is produced on a potter's wheel and then altered and ornamented. Most pieces contain a pin frog which is permanently attached for holding flowers upright.


MY SANTAS/ Phyllis Stawicki

I sculpt each Santa head and hands individually from clay. It is important to me that each Santa looks expressive and realistic.  I also make their bodies and their clothes. They are completely clothed and you will see that even their coats are lined.  Their hair and beards are made from mohair.  I love making the old-world Santa and the traditional Santa. I also enjoy making Santas that represent different countries.   Elves and Mrs. Santa will also be included. Their sizes are from 16 to 33 inches.


Heather Stief

I combine sterling silver, gold and gemstones with shapes found in nature to create interpretive works of wearable art. Using traditional metalsmithing techniques such as soldering, hammering, and stone-setting, I fabricate raw materials into a body of work that strives to create a balance between hard and soft, modern and organic, contemporary and traditional. To emphasize that contrast, I incorporate alternative materials such as rubber and rough-cut gemstones into my work. My body of work endeavors to maintain an organic quality while still feeling modern, and aims to not only mimic nature, but to interpret and celebrate it.


P2 Ware Art Tile/ Patricia Tolton

Carrying on over a century long family tradition, Patricia Tolton is a tile artist. Her family left Stoke-on-Trent England to work in Ohio’s potteries in the 1800’s. Patricia’s story starts with the study of horticulture and owning her own landscaping business. But, a detour led though the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works where she studied tile making. It started as a hobby and exploration of her family heritage and developed into a passion and her life’s work. She combines her love of the natural world and heritage into the carving of her Arts and Crafts inspired tiles.  Patricia’s ceramic journey continues today in her Kennett Square, PA studio.


LS- Photos/Ellis Underkoffler

My photographs cover the areas of Landscapes, Flowers, Nature, and Old buildings. The majority were taken in the DelMarVa region.   

I studied photography under Professor Byron Shurtlef at the University of Delaware, and in workshops “Modern Masters of Photography” with Kevin Fleming, “Capturing Light” with photographer Marc Clery, Allen Rokach’s “Focus on Flowers, and internationally known, John Shaw.   Kevin and Marc have inspired me to go farther with my hobby and with their guidance, instruction, and expertise have provided me the uniqueness of each shot.

I have framed and matted prints which range in size from 20 by 24 down to 5 by 7. I also have a wide selection of note cards. 


Handcrafted by Abraham Warren/Abe and Bonnie Warren

My work as an artist is a love story. I have been smitten with wood for as long as I can remember. The raw material that I am attracted to is flawed. I choose to work with trees that are that have cracks and scars. My goal is to create beauty by working with and ultimately highlighting insect damage, lightning strikes and other defects. Once unappreciated specimens become a marriage of asymmetry and harmony; the end result presents itself as a whole.  I find that by striving for imperfection my work becomes a metaphor that speaks to our own imperfections and opens people's eyes to the possibility of their own rejuvenation and reinvention.  My final goal as an artist is that of matchmaker, introducing my furniture to its owners and their homes. My hope is that my pieces are multi-generational, picking up experiences and scars along the way adding another chapter to their story.


Mary Wimberley

Having worked as a storyteller and an artist of many mediums, including story based walk-through attractions (TudorTowne-Christmas Carol), I think of myself as an artist/illustrator and storyteller/author. My watercolor work includes realistic animal portraiture, colorful “Spirit Animal” washes and illustrative work that evokes another world. I am currently illustrating 2 of my children’s books and a new set of oracle cards featuring fairies.

I sell framed originals ($125.00-$595.00), framed prints ($45.00-$145.00), unframed prints ($12.00-$30.00), note cards (5/$15.00), postcards with inspirational text (5/$15.00) and Wisdom Oracle Cards in a pouch ($25.00--$35.00.)


Waggies by Maggie & Friends is a non-profit dog treat company whose mission is to employ persons with intellectual disabilities.

Our all-natural, vet-approved treats are made with the finest ingredients and contain no preservatives.  A purchase of Waggies rewards your dog while supporting employment for members of the community who want to be part of the workforce.  It’s a winning combination!


Specialty Food Market Vendors


Backyard Jams and Jellies

Backyard Jams and Jellies has been a vendor at the Hagley Craft Fair for more than 5 years. We bring close to 100 flavors of handmade jams, jellies, chutneys, preserves, and mustards from our hometown of Milton, Delaware. Most of the fruit that we use is grown in the state of Delaware- from our own backyard, local orchards, and farmers' markets. We now have 23 flavors of pepper jelly, and quite a few no sugar added jams. We also have hard to find Beach Plum Jelly and Black Raspberry Jam. Backyard Jams and Jellies are perfect for hostess, teacher, and holiday gifts. We will have Craft Fair specials, in case you want to stock up for the holidays.    



Chocolate by Leslie

Come enjoy traditional fudge made the old-fashioned way with pure cane sugar and imported Belgian chocolate. Featuring over 25 flavors to satisfy your sweet tooth, many of which are gluten free!   1/4lb (1 flavor) $6; 1/2lbs (up to 2 flavors) $12; 3/4lbs (up to 3 flavors) $17; Full Pound (up to 4 flavors) $22.


Crisp & Company

Variety of jar pickles.



Double Spiral Chocolate

Double Spiral Chocolate is the first handcrafted bean-to-bar chocolate maker in Delaware, located in The Ardens.  We balance taste & nutrition using wholesome ingredients minimally processed; select single origin cacao for distinctive flavors and inspiring stories; and make sustainable choices with positive environmental and global development impact.  Our dark chocolate bars are crafted from only 2 or 3 organic ingredients sourced by Direct/Fair Trade: cacao beans (70+%), unrefined cane sugar or dates, and sometimes a 3rd whole food ingredient (e.g. mint leaves, coffee beans, raspberries, ginger, etc.) 



Mary Fender

I make custom chocolates as well as standard chocolates, holiday chocolates, peanut butter cups, coconut cream chocolate, my extremely popular peanut butter filled chips with a chocolate drizzle and more.

I use some of the proceeds to purchase school supplies for kids in need. I have worked with 5 schools to this point. I have received a wish list and do my best to fill it. I have had teachers request supplies for an entire class and filled that request, I have helped 2 elementary schools with art supplies when their funding was cut and bought bins of supplies for a “help yourself day” that was wonderful. 

The items I make sell anywhere between-$1.00-$8.00.


Fusions Taster’s Choice

Fusions Taster's Choice specializes in gourmet olive oils and vinegars from around the world. Our oils are fresh, seasonal, and Gold Medal award winners. We have Ultra-Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOO), flavor infused and fused oils that cannot be found in the big box stores. Our oils come from the Northern and Southern Hemispheres and that guarantees freshness because they change every six months as well as we bottle them at our location.  Our balsamic vinegars are from Modena, Italy and we carry an 18-year-old barrel aged Traditional Balsamic Dark Vinegar that tantalizes your taste buds and imagination. We alsocarry White Balsamic Vinegars, which leaves a fresh clean taste and keeps the foods light for the crisp flavor. Also offered is Basil Pesto that is out of this world along with seasonings and much more. Most importantly, just about everything is available for you to taste. “Taste the Experience and Experience the Taste”. It's the best you've never had till you've had it!  




Hazel & Ash Organics

Hazel and Ash Organics - Organic, local, creative artisan jarred goods: Hot sauces, salsas, relishes & more. We strive to promote health through chemical free food that nourish the body, soul and environment.


Health & Tea

Health&Tea is committed to offer the best natural, healthy, and delicious loose-leaf teas and Matcha.  Our premium teas are pure, fresh and taste great.  As we use only high-quality tea leaves, we do not need to add other ingredients.  We work directly with organic tea farmers as we care where and how each of our teas grows.  Our teas are certified organics or biological.

Some of our products include:

- Matcha Magic

- Matcha On-The-Go

- High Mountain Green Tea

- Honey Black Tea

- Serene GABA Tea

- Honey Dew White Tea

- Formosa Oolong Tea

Our teas are certified organics or biological.


MacDougall’s Cake

Taste a MacDougall's Irish Victory Cake and you'll be so glad you did!  Our legendary, gold medal butter cake recipe, once the envy of Kings and Queens throughout the British Isles, will have your taste buds feeling like royalty!  Celebrate with a victory!  Take home a MacDougall's Irish Victory Cake today!


Mo Jo’s Pop Co.

We are a mother-daughter team working together to make gourmet toffee popcorn. Our recipe was in the family for almost 25 years before we decided to open MoJo's Pop Co. in 2013. We make our popcorn using Non-GMO corn from Lancaster County. Our toffee is crafted in small batches with quality natural ingredients and hand-tossed with the popcorn. We pack each piece of popcorn with care in our signature gift bags ensuring you receive a beautiful and most importantly, delicious treat every time.  




Our baked goods are made from the finest ingredients. We make spritz cookies, shortbread cookies, drop cookies, assorted whoopee pies such as apple, pumpkin and chocolate. Mini apple pies, petit fours and cut out sugar cookies and assorted bars. Our prices range from $3.00 to $10.00. 



Stag Farms

Local raw honey-lightly filtered and never processed.


Tat’s Yummies

I am from Switzerland. Baking runs in the family from generation. Our cake are unique, our apple cake is one of many. We offer a variety of cookies both traditional and European Specialties, linzer, leckerly, almond biscotti and more... We have great, fabulous and luscious dessert such as our chocolate mousse. We make assortment of petit four (mini pastries) such as french macaroon, lemon tarts, mini fruits tarts, pecans... All made fresh and from scratch we delight to use the freshest ingredients and spices. This is an opportunity for you to expand your pallet to different exquisite specialties from Europe…. and have a delightful experience with each bite of our delicious products.


Whiskey Hollow

Whiskey Hollow is a local run family business focused on clean eating.  We are firm believers in knowing what is in your food and where it came from.  Our maple syrup operation is nestled in the hills of Bradford County, in northern Pennsylvania.  It is here where we collect the sap and boil it down into golden deliciousness.  At the time of bottling, we infuse a portion of the syrup with vanilla and cinnamon using all natural approaches – a simple vanilla bean or cinnamon stick in each bottle.  Another portion of the syrup is poured into whiskey barrels from a local distillery where it is left to age and absorb the flavors of oak and whiskey.  Stop by our booth for an opportunity to chat with us about our operation and a taste of PA Pure Maple Syrup.


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