Invention Convention Presented by Agilent Technologies

A woman holds a beetle.

Invention Convention Presented by Agilent Technologies

NEXT DATE:   |   10 a.m. to 4 p.m.   |  
category: Family Programs  |  location: Library, Upper property

Invention Convention will explore the exciting world of insects! Learn how the design and capabilities of insects inspire innovations that improve people’s lives. Admire the artistry of maggots, see how insects help detectives solve crimes, and learn about our local insect population.


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More About Invention Convention:

What do house flies, wasps, hawk moths, and dragonflies have in common? They are the muses of drone technology by helping engineers build them smaller, more durable, and more maneuverable. Look closely at a butterfly wing and marvel at how its structure informs high-tech computer screens. Want to survive in the desert? Look no further than the desert beetle, whose strategy to collect water informed a device that could provide enough water per day for the survival of humans. Have trouble hearing? Thank locusts and crickets for some of the latest innovations in hearing aid technology.

On each day of the event, visitors can enjoy a science show, investigate the “insides” of an electronic gadget at the Tinkering Tables, and express their creative side in the Create-an-Invention area. To celebrate a job well done, a Hagley “patent” will be issued for every invention.

Each day of Invention Convention will feature something different!

Use the Buck Road entrance (GPS Address):
298 Buck Road East
Wilmington, DE 19807


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