Rocks and Roll Mills Tour

This engaging new 90 minute guided walking tour explores the vital nature of Blue Gneiss, a geologic formation specific to the spectacular Brandywine Valley, and its fundamental importance to the establishment of the DuPont Company.  Guests discover the economic importance of gneiss to the black powder manufactory which depended upon the Brandywine for fundamental resources, understand the history and composition of gneiss, and experience the way gneiss was excavated and used as the primary building material in the powder yards.  The visit, involving walking on some uneven ground, culminates in a hands-on stone cutting demonstration and guests take home their own piece of Brandywine Blue Rock.  

$14 fee includes admission to the museum before or after the tour, including dramatic roll mill demonstrations, gunpowder explosions, and the whirring, belt-driven nineteenth-century Machine Shop.

Fifteen to twenty people – limited availability 

Offered April 1 through November 30