Hagley Heritage Curators

We Preserve the Stories of American Enterprise

Hagley Library contains one of the most significant collections documenting the history of American business, technology, and industrial design. Thousands of businesses are preserved in our archives and made available for historical research.  We have over fifty years’ experience in helping corporate clients unlock the value of their pasts.

At Hagley Heritage Curators, we provide businesses and trade associations with a range of services and expertise that can preserve and transform corporate records into valuable and sustainable historical assets. Organizations with a deep sense of history approach the future with greater confidence when creating new products and services.   Consider these reasons for not shredding your past:

•     Preserve your heritage

From strategic planning to institutional development, history informs the decision-making process. Your archives can help your associates understand where you’ve been and where you’re headed and enrich the planning experience.

•    Preserve the legacy of your enterprise and its contributions

From your original company mission to the widespread influence of your products and services today, your legacy is the testimony of your firm’s accomplishments.  In an era of mergers and acquisitions, business archives can keep your legacy intact and in times of rapid expansion, they help ground the organization on your founding principles.

•    Preserve the integrity of your reputation and culture

Your firm’s Marketing, Public Relations, and Human Resource teams will benefit from the stories of innovation, engagement, and milestones that defined past success and can inform future growth. Corporate archives offer these teams the tools they need to reaffirm the integrity that has been an essential trait of your people and products.

•    Preserve your assets:  your intellectual and physical property. 

From disaster recovery to risk management, corporate archives can provide protection and security.  They contain not only documents but also stories and milestones that your company may need to draw upon in challenging times. Corporate archives ensure your past is organized and accessible when you need it the most. 

How Hagley Heritage Curators Can Help

Many businesses find developing their own archive is more expensive and complicated than their business model allows. That’s where the expertise of Hagley Heritage Curators comes in.  We can provide your staff with the following services:

  • Consultation.  Your collection is your story. We customize the potential uses of your collections to fit the needs of your business and stakeholders.
  • Digitization.  Using the newest imaging technology, we take strategic portions of your collection online, making them discoverable and accessible by your staff.
  • Identification. Our curators and specialists help you identify materials and themes suitable for creative resources such as exhibitions, documentary films, and milestone celebrations, as well as imaginative processes for new products and services.
  • Preservation & Conservation. Whether it’s processing and housing your collection, developing reference aids, or ensuring that digital documents are accessible years from now, we make them easily discoverable and usable for different stakeholders.  We will examine your physical collection to document their condition, perform stabilization to prevent further deterioration, and advise on preservation needs. 
  • Production. Stories need to be told and produced in meaningful ways that ensure the messages are relevant and impactful.  We specialize in recording oral histories taken from your retirees, current employees, and business partners to ensure that the narrative is available when you need it.
  • Contextualization. As the premier research library in business history, we offer a service our competition cannot—we offer historical context. No matter your story, we offer over half a century’s experience in helping your staff benefit from understanding the context in which your business has evolved.  For retreats and strategy sessions, we offer a beautiful venue along with our historical resources.  Whether it’s archives, images, trade literature, or research expertise, we can make them available both on- and offline. 

Inquiries are welcome!   To learn more, please contact us at info@hagleyheritage.com