Hagley Prize

Hagley Prize

The Hagley Museum and Library and the Business History Conference jointly offer an annual prize for the best book in business history, broadly defined. The prize committee encourages the submission of books from all methodological perspectives. It is particularly interested in innovative studies that have the potential to expand the boundaries of the discipline. Scholars, publishers, and other interested parties may submit nominations. Eligible books can have either an American or an international focus. They must be written in English and be published during the two years prior to the award.

Four copies of a book must accompany a nomination and be submitted to the prize coordinator: Carol Ressler Lockman, Hagley Museum and Library, P.O. Box 3630, 298 Buck Road East, Wilmington, DE 19807-0630. The deadline for nominations is December 31.

Hagley Prize Recipients:

2013: Michael B. Miller

Europe and the Maritime world: A Twentieth-Century History, Cambridge University Press; ISBN: 978-1-107-02455-7

2012: Sharon Ann Murphy

Investing in Life: Insurance in Antebellum America, The Johns Hopkins University Press; ISBN-10: 080189624X, ISBN-13: 978-0801896248

2011 : Susan Ingalls Lewis

Unexceptional Women: Female Proprietors in Mid-Nineteenth Century Albany, New York, 1830-1885, Ohio State University; ISBN: 9780814203989

2010 : David Suisman

Selling Sounds: The Commercial Revolution in American Music, Harvard University Press; ISBN: 067403337X

2009 : Ann Smart Martin

Buying into the World of Goods, Johns Hopkins University Press, 2008; ISBN: 9780801887277

2008 : Thomas K. McCraw

Prophet of Innovation: Joseph Schumpeter and Creative Destruction, Belknap Press, 2007; ISBN: 0674025237

2007 : Christopher McKenna

The World's Newest Profession: Management Consulting in the Twentieth Century, Cambridge University Press, 2006; ISBN: 0-521-81039-6

2006 : Pamela Walker Laird

Pull: Networking and Success since Benjamin Franklin, Harvard University Press, 2006; ISBN: 978-0-674-01907-2

2005 : Co-Winners: Mira Wilkins and Thomas A. Kinney

The History of Foreign Investment in the United States, 1914-1945, Harvard University Press, 2004; ISBN: 0-674-01308-5

The Carriage Trade: Making Horse-Drawn Vehicles in America, Johns Hopkins University Press, 2004; ISBN 0-8018-7946-9

2004 : Jennifer Klein

For All These Rights: Business, Labor, and the Shaping of America's Public-Private Welfare State, Princeton University Press, 2003; ISBN: 0-691-07056-3

2003 : Clare Haru Crowston

Fabricating Women: The Seamstresses of Old Regime France, 1675-1791, Duke University Press, 2001; ISBN: 0-8223-2662-0

2002 Co-Winners : S. Jonathan Wiesen and Gerald D. Feldman

West German Industry and the Challenge of the Nazi Past, 1945-1955, University of North Carolina Press, 2001; ISBN: 0-8078-2634-0

Allianz and the German Insurance Business, 1933-1945, Cambridge University Press, 2001; ISBN 0-521-80929-0

2001 : Regina Lee Blaszczyk

Imagining Consumers: Design and Innovation from Wedgwood to Corning, Johns Hopkins University Press, 2000; ISBN: 0-8018-6193-4

2000 : Kathryn Burns

Colonial Habits: Convents and the Spiritual Economy of Cuzco, Peru, Duke University Press, 1999; ISBN: 0-8223-2291-9

1999 : Roland Marchand

Creating the Corporate Soul: The Rise of Public Relations and Corporate Imagery in American Big Business, University of California Press, 1998; ISBN: 0-520-08719-4