What To See

Your Hagley experience will begin in Henry Clay Mill, which houses the museum’s Visitor Center. Originally built as a cotton mill in 1813-1814, the building now houses three floors of exhibitions that will introduce you to the du Pont family as well as the DuPont Company and its products and will help to set the stage for your exploration of the entire historic site.

On the first floor you will learn about the development of industry along the Brandywine River and get an introduction to the evolution of the water power technology that you will see out on the site. You will also be introduced to the du Pont family, learn why they left France, and what they did when they got here.

The second floor houses Hagley’s special changing exhibitions and the third floor features "DuPont Science and Discovery," which presents the history of the DuPont Company, post-explosives era, through multi-media and hands-on interactive experiences.