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Victor Dallin and his crew posing in front of airplaneIn 1924, pilot J. Victor Dallin, a former member of the Royal Air Force and veteran of the First World War, formed the Dallin Aerial Survey Company. Operating out of the Philadelphia Municipal Airport, his company was one of many during the era searching for business opportunities that utilized the nascent technology of the airplane. Dallin's company took thousands of aerial photographs throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, most in the Philadelphia area.

The images in this online exhibit include a small fraction of the aerial views from the Victor Dallin Aerial Survey Collection at the Hagley Library. The images here have been divided into four subjects: events, industrial sites, towns and cities, and estates. These are just a few of the major subjects covered in the Dallin collection. A current satellite map showing many of the sites featured in the exhibit is available.

For more information about the collection or to purchase images seen in this exhibit, please contact the Hagley Library Pictorial Collections Department at pictorial@hagley.org or 302-658-2400, ext. 276. Footer banner with images from the Dallin Collection