This ca. 1912 photograph shows a pine mill in Bogalusa, Lousiana ....

Dramatically lit black and white exterior image of a pine mill in operation at night.

This ca. 1912 photograph shows a pine mill in Bogalusa, Lousiana operated by the Great Southern Lumber Company, a Pennsylvania corporation chartered by brothers Frank and Charles W. Goodyear, members of a prominent family of industrialists in Western New York.

Text associated with this item reads:

"The genesis of these Louisiana wooden ships is the huge saw mill where thousands of heavy timbers are cut by 'patterns to fin into the hull design, exactly as a dressmaker would cut material for a frock from paper patterns. Here's the Great southern Lumber Company's plant at Bogalusa, LA photographed at midnight. Since war was declared against Germany, this plant has worked 24 hours daily. It has turned whole Louisiana forest into huge hulls to carry men and supplies to Americans fighting overseas and to the Allies."

The mill, which began operating in 1908 was, at the time, reported to be the largest sawmill in the world, with a staff of 1,200 employees producing 660,000 feet of lumber each day. The town of Bogalusa was a company town, built from the ground up to accommodate the mill's workforce. The mill closed in 1938, after the local supply of harvestable pine was depleted.

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