Hagley Online Privacy Policy

May 24, 2018


Protecting our visitors’ personal information is important. We collect, use, and share information obtained from online visitors only in the following ways:

  • Personal information is used only when you voluntarily provide it directly to the Hagley Museum and Library or when you grant third parties permission to allow us to use your personal information.
  • Personal information is used only for its intended purpose.
  • Personal information is disclosed to contractors or associates only to carry out your requests.
  • Third parties either follow our privacy policy or prominently display their own.
  • Personal information is not disclosed to outside parties unless disclosure is required by law or court order.

Automatically Collected Information

We strive to provide the best experience for you. We automatically collect and store the following non-personally identifiable information:

  • The name of the domain from which you accessed the internet.
  • The internet protocol address of your Internet providers’ gateways, or in some cases, your computer.
  • The date and time you accessed our websites.
  • The URL of the pages visited and files downloaded.
  • The internet address of the website that brought you directly to our websites.
  • Characteristics of your computer system.
  • Search terms used to come to the websites and while on the website (in aggregate only).


This information allows us to improve website design, presentation, and system performance. We collect this information from anyone who reads, browses, or downloads information from our websites.


Information Collected for Measurement and Customization (Cookies)

To help provide website visitors with the best experience possible, we use commercial software to report and analyze aggregated web metrics data. The data is generally retained indefinitely to help improve website performance.

Our sites use two types of tools: session cookies and persistent cookies. “Cookies” are small files that websites transfer to visitors’ computers to allow the site to remember specific information. If you do not want cookies transferred to your computer, you may opt out by changing your browser options. Without cookies, most of our websites will continue to display normally, but certain features may not work as well or may be unavailable.

Session cookies do not contain personal information and disappear once the browser window is closed. We use session cookies for technical purposes such as to enable you to more easily navigate throughout the websites. Session cookies only collect non-personally identifiable data.

Persistent cookies store information on your computers for longer periods of time and across multiple visits. We do not use persistent cookies to collect personal identifiable information about visitors. However, we do use persistent cookies to improve web metrics by distinguishing between new and returning visitors, to anonymously aggregate data on how visitors use our websites, and to remember your voluntarily-provided preferences to create a smoother browsing experience.

Use of Personal Information

Personal information may be required to use certain features of our websites, such as making online purchases, submitting a request to the Ask Hagley service, or responding to a feedback form. We always inform you what information is required, and only use that information for its stated purpose. If you provide the information requested, then you consent to our using the information for the stated purpose. If you do not provide the information then some website features may be unavailable.

Occasionally, we work with third party applications that are not exclusively operated or controlled by the Hagley Museum and Library, to provide a better web presentation or user experience, such as for fulfilling online orders, emailing updates, or collecting voluntarily-provided feedback. These third-party sites and applications will either follow our privacy policy, or prominently display their own. Other than these exceptions, and for authorized U.S. government law enforcement activities, we do not provide personal information to outside organizations without first obtaining your consent.

About Our Web Surveys

We use various types of online forms, including third-party forms and surveys, to collect opinions and feedback. Submitting information is voluntary.

We appreciate all comments and feedback from our visitors.


Questions about this policy may be sent to AskHagley@hagley.org