Conserve-A-Book Program

The Hagley Conserve-a-Book program allows you to support our efforts to treat and conserve delicate historical materials related to the history of business, technology, and innovation.

We will commemorate your tax-deductible donation with a bookplate affixed to your selected item and an acknowledgement of your gift in the item's online entry. As the donor, you may also choose to remain anonymous or honor a loved one or colleague in the public record.

This is your opportunity to directly support Hagley collections' longevity and help us maintain our status as a leading library and archive for American business and industry history. Please see below for a priority list of items needing conservation treatment.

Questions may be directed to Hannah Spring Pfeifer, Library Coordinator, by email at or by phone at 302.658.2400, ext. 239.


Almanach Parisien, en faveur des étrangers et des voyageurs (1790)


The Almanach Parisien was integral to the French travel industry during the mid-to-late 18th century. This almanac was designed to guide foreigners and travelers in Paris and includes engravings of notable sights around the city. Leather-bound, this book requires a bespoke enclosure to reduce cracking.


Natural and Political History of Pennsylvania and the Establishment of the Quakers in this Region (1768)


Translated from German into French, Histoire de Naturelle et Politique de la Pensylvanie relates information of 17th-18th century botany and Euro-American culture in the region that became the state of Pennsylvania. A highlight is the fold-out regional map depicting terrain and bodies of water in the Chesapeake region. A bespoke enclosure is needed to maintain the leather binding.


Exercitationes de Atmosphaeris Corporum Consistentium... (1673) 


This copy of Essays of the Strange Subtlety, Great Efficacy, and Determinate Nature of Effluvia includes handwritten annotations possibly made by the father of modern chemistry himself, Antoine Lavoisier. One of Lavoisier's pupils was Hagley resident E.I. du Pont de Nemours. To maintain this historic work and prevent future deterioration, a book enclosure is needed.


Groot Volkomen Moolenboek (1734)


Translated to The Big Perfect Mill Book, this work details the history and types of mills in the Netherlands. It is illustrated with machinery engravings and discusses methods of papermaking and tobacco processing among other topics.

Support for this historic book will go toward building a bespoke enclosure.


Orlando Furioso (1551)


Written by Ludovico Ariosto, this Italian epic poem follows the Christian knight Orlando through a journey of love, temptation, chivalry, and insanity in southern Europe.

The early edition in Hagley's collection is bound with vellum and needs a bespoke book enclosure for environmental protection. 



Not seeing anything of interest? Let us know your preferences and we will offer customized giving options. Contact Hannah Spring Pfeifer, Library Coordinator, at or at 302.658.2400, ext. 239 with any inquiries.