Glamorous as your favorite tv stars!

Pages from a comic-book style bike catalog showing a bike diagram and ad forthe Shwinn Starlet bike.

Glamorous as your favorite tv stars! We're feeling starstruck today by this spread from Schwinn bike thrills: 108.92 m.p.h. on a bike!, a ca. 1958 comic-book style catalog from the Schwinn Bicycle Company.

This item is call number Pam 2017.0816 in Hagley Library's collection of trade catalogs and pamphlets, and has been included in a selection in our Digital Archive featuring promotional comic books from our collections.

These works were generally, though not always, produced by corporations and other business entities for the purposes of advertising a product, managing a company's public image, or providing consumer education.

A number of these works were also produced with the goal of influencing public opinion regarding socioeconomic political issues such as organized labor and government regulation of businesses.

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