Here's a Mid-century modern #FashionFriday for the fellas ....

Black and white image of a man in a "cabana set" outfit next to a beach chair on a photography set.

Here's a Mid-century modern #FashionFriday for the fellas in the audience. This constellation print cabana set by Robert Bruce seen here was photographed in 1959 for the Joseph Bancroft & Sons Company.

This item is part of the Hagley Library’s Joseph Bancroft & Sons Co. Miss America photographs (Accession 1972.430) collection. The company, incorporated in 1889, manufactured, bleached, dyed, and finished a variety cotton-made goods. After World War I, it added synthetics to its production, and these included rayon and nylon fabrics. In 1929, the Bancroft Company merged with the Eddystone Manufacturing Company and soon after, it began producing a line of rayon goods and a cotton finishing process that were marketed under the trade names of "Ban-Lon" and "Everglaze" respectively. In an effort to promote Everglaze, Bancroft became a primary sponsor of the Miss America Pageant from the mid-1940s through the late 1960s. The company helped finance the pageant and provided money towards scholarships awarded to pageant winners. Bancroft was able to promote its products using the image of Miss America.

The collection consists of general advertising and product information for "Ban-Lon" and "Everglaze" fashions. In particular, the collection documents the Joseph Bancroft & Sons Company's sponsorship of the Miss America Pageant and the promotion of fabrics by Miss America from the years 1953 to 1967. More images from this collection can be found online in our Digital Archive by clicking here.