Nothing fishy to see here ...

Nothing fishy to see here, just our last post on Tumblr for the foreseeable future. Beginning Monday, April 12, we will be discontinuing this Tumblr blog. But we won’t be going far.

The homepage of our Digital Archive will continue to feature images and links to the day’s posts, all of which will be available at the Hagley Vault’s amazing new home on our website. We’ll also be followable via this RSS feed. You’ll also continue to be able to find images and links to new posts, as well as additional bonus content, on our Twitter feed, @Hagley_Library.

This ca. 1950 advertisement for DuPont brand sponges is from Hagley Library’s DuPont Company Advertising Department collection of graphic materials (Accession 1996.291). The company’s Advertising Department was formed in September 1921, when DuPont was reorganized with a decentralized structure.

Prior to that time, advertising had been a division of the Sales Department, but when the sales function was decentralized, a central department became necessary to coordinate advertising activities across product lines. The collection consists of miscellaneous Du Pont Company advertising materials, including postcards, pictorial envelopes, lantern slides, advertisements, display cards, and illustrated pamphlets.