This #TechTuesday, we're taking a look at your friend and mine,...

This #TechTuesday, we're taking a look at your friend and mine, television. These ca. 1930s photographs show publicity stills from RCA of television and television broadcasting components.

The photographs above and below, two of which are dated January 16, 1937, shows RCA high frequency tubes and other equipment used in the transformer room of NBC and RCA's television transmitting station at the top of the Empire State Building in New York City.

These photographs are part of Hagley Library's David Sarnoff Library digital archive (Accession AVD.2464.001), a selection of materials from the David Sarnoff Library including photographs, RCA Annual Reports, Broadcast News, and technical journals and newsletters produced by RCA. Additionally, the collection includes advertisements from RCA and the Victor Talking Machine Company. This digital collection is a very small sample of the entire David Sarnoff Library at Hagley. For more information, visit the David Sarnoff Library Project site.