Lessons & Resources

Hagley provides the following lessons and resources to supplement your classroom curriculum. They may be used in preparation for a visit to Hagley or on their own.

Nineteenth-Century Day at Hagley Museum Teaching Guide

Hagley Museum and Library Online Exhibits

  • Hagley’s website features several online exhibits that cover American business, Civil War, Art, Education, and nineteenth century industry.
  • DuPont Company on the Brandywine is a great introduction to any visit to Hagley. It includes information about the founding of the company and its growth during the nineteenth century. The exhibit also features fun interactives, graphics, and primary sources.

Hagley Museum and Library Digital Collections

  • A resource for primary documents about the du Pont family, the DuPont Company, and American business and innovation.
  • Sources include letters, photographs, maps, business records, and much more.
  • The digital collection provides important information for lesson plans, school research papers, and other projects.

A Separate Place

  • This documentary looks at the legacy of segregation and desegregation in Delaware through compelling interviews with former teachers and students in African American schools built by P.S. du Pont in the 1920s and 1930s. A supplementary curriculum packet is available

To find out more about education programs at Hagley, contact the Education Program Coordinator at (302) 658-2400 ext. 285.