Student Programs & Tours

Please choose from one or more of the programs below


Water Power Tour – Grades 3-12 :
(NOTE: Because of ongoing flood damage repairs, the Water Power Tour is not available until Fall 2022.)
Harness the power of water that operated mills along the Brandywine River.

Simple Machines – Grades 4-12 : Leverage the many simple and complex machines that manufactured black powder

*NEW* Building S.T.E.A.M. – Grades K-2: Building up STEAM for science education has never been so fun! 

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Hands-on History

Summer in Industrial America – Ages 4-12 : Bring your summer camp, youth group, or students to Hagley for fun on the Brandywine

Life at the Gibbons House – Grade K-3 : Step back to a time when cast iron stoves were used for baking and clothes were wrung through a wringer 

The Factory System Workshop – Grades 2-8 : Take your place on an assembly line to make powder keg labels

Nineteenth Century Day – Grades 4-6 : Recreate daily life in a nineteenth century mill community

Industrial America – Grades 6-12 : Experience the rapid changes and innovation of the Industrial Revolution

Hidden Story Tour – Grades 6-12 - Take a personalized tour through the historic DuPont powder yard along the beautiful Brandywine. Hear stories about 19th century life and work and see demonstrations showcasing early industrial technology.

Mill Owners’ World – Grades 9-12 : Step into the lives of the du Pont family by visiting Eleutherian Mills


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