Student Programs & Tours

Please choose from one or more of the programs below


Water Power Tour – Grades 3-12 :
Harness the power of water that operated mills along the Brandywine River.

Simple Machines – Grades 4-12 :
Leverage the many simple and complex machines that manufactured black powder

*NEW* Building S.T.E.A.M. – Grades K-2: 
Building up STEAM for science education has never been so fun! 

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Hands-on History

Summer in Industrial America – Ages 4-12 : Bring your summer camp, youth group, or students to Hagley for fun on the Brandywine

Life at the Gibbons House – Grade K-3 : Step back to a time when cast iron stoves were used for baking and clothes were wrung through a wringer 

The Factory System Workshop – Grades 2-8 : Take your place on an assembly line to make powder keg labels

Nineteenth Century Day – Grades 4-6 : Recreate daily life in a nineteenth century mill community

Industrial America – Grades 6-12 : Experience the rapid changes and innovation of the Industrial Revolution

Hidden Story Tour – Grades 6-12 - Take a personalized tour through the historic DuPont powder yard along the beautiful Brandywine. Hear stories about 19th century life and work and see demonstrations showcasing early industrial technology.

Mill Owners’ World – Grades 9-12 : Step into the lives of the du Pont family by visiting Eleutherian Mills

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Homeschool Groups

Homeschool families, academies, and other groups are welcome to schedule any of the school programs offered at Hagley.  We will adapt programs to your curriculum needs, when possible.  See listings above for more information.

In addition, Hagley offers a six-week program, Engineering Endeavors, for homeschool students in grades 5 and 6.  Click here to learn more about the program, upcoming dates, and to register.

Throughout the year, Hagley’s Science Saturdays provide families with hands-on experiences with a variety of science and engineering themes. Visit the Hagley calendar for upcoming dates and themes. Science Saturday is included with general admission and does not require advance reservations.