A Civil War Confederate's Coat in Delaware? A Research Odyssey with the Hagley Historian

Thursday, May 28, 2020

While putting together a Civil War exhibit for the Hagley Museum in 2012, Hagley historian Lucas Clawson found a curious thing in the Admiral Samuel Francis Du Pont Collection: an item identified as a Confederate coat. But it wasn’t just any Confederate coat; it’s an incredibly rare one worn by a member of the South Carolina militia in the opening months of the Civil War! This coat likely never saw combat with the Confederate Army but it took an amazing journey from South Carolina’s Sea Islands to Wilmington, Delaware!

The story of how Lucas went from identifying the jacket to when, where, and who it was worn by is a classic case of research nirvana where the stars align and unbelievable insights about an object of history come to light. The story of the South Carolina Confederate coat at Hagley and it's story is told in this video from Lucas...enjoy!

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