This #FashionFriday, I've got summertime on my mind ...

Black and white fashion photo of a woman in a 2-piece bathing suit and cover-up.

Whether your weekend takes you oceanside, lakeside, poolside, creekside, or just feeling the summer fantasy in your living room, here's a little #FashionFriday inspiration.

This 1961 fashion photograph features Miss America titleholder Nancy Fleming in a Cabana Beachwear Co. swimsuit and beach dress in Cortley's Everglaze cotton sateen fabric, brought to you by Joseph Bancroft & Sons Company.

Beginning in the mid-1940s, Bancroft entered into a cooperative agreement with the Miss America Pageant in which the company became the primary sponsor of the event, providing financing for the pageant itself and scholarship funds for pageant winners. In return, pageant contestants and winners became part of Bancroft’s marketing strategy and provided modeling services for their products. This cooperative agreement was maintained in one form or another up until around the year 1967.

The photograph is part of Hagley Library’s Joseph Bancroft and Sons Company, Miss America collection (Accession 1972.430) collection. More images from this collection can be found online in our Digital Archive by clicking here.Nan