We've got a troublesome little visitor with us today ....

Drawing of a devil with assorted objects labeled 'Secession' and 'Treason'.

We've got a troublesome little visitor with us today; this devil with objects marked 'Secession' and 'Treason' can be found on a ca. 1863 pictorial envelope in Hagley Library's collection of Civil War pictorial envelopes (Accession 1969.064).

This collection consists of 141 envelopes with printed cover illustrations from the American Civil War. Topics include cartoon representations of soldiers and southerners, Union generals, Jefferson Davis, the U.S. flag, the Great Sanitary Fair, state emblems, patriotic symbols, and politcal cartoons.

This collection is included in a Digital Collection that combines small but significant collections of letters, photographs, pictorial envelopes, and other primary sources from the Hagley Library connected to the Civil War. Many of the items relate to du Pont family members, soldiers who served with them, or employees who worked in the E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company powder yards during the war.

The items were digitized in conjunction with Hagley's exhibit, An Oath of Allegiance to the Republic: the du Ponts and the Civil War. To view this digital collection online now in our Digital Archive, click here.