Published Collection

The Published Collections Department holds Hagley's printed and published materials, with particular emphasis on publications not typically found in general or college and university libraries.

An Overview of the Collection:

  • Books and periodicals collected by Pierre S. du Pont on the development of business and industry in America
  • Printed material on national and international business history particularly in the regions between the Hudson and the Potomac and west to the Allegheny Mountains
  • The library of French Physiocrat Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours, the finest collection on late-eighteenth-century French society and politics in North America
  • Publications from firms, trade associations, and individuals associated with American business
  • Printed materials from government entities that pertain to business practices
  • General business publications
  • Company magazines, such as Better Living from DuPont and Store Chat by Strawbridge & Clothier
  • Corporate reports
  • Trade catalogs, mid-19th century to date
  • Trade journals devoted to single industries
  • ​Pamphlets issued by trade associations
  • Publications by America's principal national business associations
  • General business periodicals
  • Encyclopedias, mechanical dictionaries, engineering textbooks and manuals describing now-obsolete technologies, artifacts, and office practices
  • Legal documents for nationally significant cases involving antitrust, bankruptcies, reorganizations, and patent disputes
  • Guidebooks and catalogs from international expositions

For information about collections in our Published Collections​ Department, please contact us at (302) 658-2400 ext. 330 or