PHONE: (302) 658-2400

Hagley Museum and Library
PO Box 3630
Wilmington, DE 19807-0630

Hagley Museum and Library
298 Buck Road East
Wilmington, DE 19807-0630

Staff Directory

Administration, Development, & Membership

Jill MacKenzie, Executive Director
ext. 301

Marje Kelly, Executive Assistant
ext. 301


Andrew Engel, Director of Development
ext. 329

Kate Davis, Development Manager
ext. 348

Stacy Wintjen, Gift Processing and Data Base Administrator
ext. 332


Kim Kelleher, Membership Manager
ext. 235

Finance Office

Karen R. Cronin, Chief Financial Officer
ext. 213

Joyce Farmer, Senior Staff Accountant
ext. 215

Deanna Taylor, Staff Accountant
Ext. 223


Gardens and Horticulture

Paul Orpello, Director, Gardens and Horticulture
ext. 321

Chris Metzler, Flower Arranger
ext. 341

Stephanie Myers – Horticulturalist I
ext. 250

Shem Rusczcyk – Horticulturalist II
ext. 250


Human Resources

Kyle Montgomery, HR Director
ext. 310

Susan Strawbridge, Volunteer Program Manager
ext. 257

Library and Archives


Erik Rau, Director, Library Services
ext. 344

Vicki Wasserman, Library Coordinator
ext. 239

Office of the Hagley Historian

Lucas Clawson, Hagley Historian
ext. 319

Published Collections

Max Moeller, Curator, Published Collections
ext. 226

Chloe Marine, Library Specialist
ext. 230

Linda Gross, Reference Librarian
ext. 227/333

Alice Hanes, Technical Services Librarian
ext. 234

Doug McQuirter, Collections and Reference Assistant
ext. 331

Archival Collections

Diane Bockrath, Archivist
ext. 328

Ona Coughlan, Audiovisual Digitization Archivist
ext. 314

Michael Demers, Digital Technologies Librarian
ext. 232

Michael DiCamillo, Processing Archivist
ext. 286

Skylar Harris, Digitization and Metadata Coordinator
ext. 233

Kevin Martin, Curator, Archival Collections
and Andrew W. Mellon Curator of Audiovisual and Digital Collections
ext. 276

Marsha Mills, Foundation Archivist
ext. 327

Laurie Sather, Head Archivist
ext. 277

Angela Schad, Reference Archivist and Digital Archives Specialist
ext. 483

Ashley Williams, NAM Project Archivist
ext. 224


Laura Wahl, Library Conservator
ext. 236

Sharon Fickeissen, Senior Conservation Technician
ext. 241

Center for the History of Business, Technology, and Society

Roger Horowitz, Director
ext. 244

Carol Lockman, Center Manager
ext. 243

Gregory Hargreaves, Programming Officer
ext 208

Benjamin Spohn, Oral History Program Manager
ext. 403


Museum and Audience Engagement

Visitor Services

Harper Gould, Manager, Visitor Services Departments
ext. 395

Laura Beardsley, Visitor Services Supervisor
ext. 260

Kate Blumen, Hagley Store Manager
ext. 264

Donna Johnson, Museum Administrative Assistant
ext. 256

Ed Morris, Museum Operations Assistant and Lead Bus Driver
ext. 228

Sara Wells, Assistant Visitor Services Supervisor
ext. 261

Bonnie Wirth, Group Tour Manager
ext. 259

Museum Collections

Caroline Western, Curator of Collections
ext. 308

Chris Cascio, Assistant Curator, Patent Models
ext. 375

Andrew Horton, Curatorial Custodian
ext. 325

Jennifer Johns, Museum Registrar / Collections Database Manager
ext. 309

Ebenezer Kotei, Objects Conservator
ext. 389

Sarah Snyder, Collections Manager
ext. 313


Tanya Looney, Education and Interpretation Program Manager
ext. 392

Jeff Durst, Education Program Coordinator
ext. 285

Leigh Ann Scholtz, STEAM Educator
ext. 258


John McCoy, Curator of Mechanical Exhibitions
ext. 387

Chris Corbin, Mechanical Exhibits Supervisor
ext. 270

Steve McGovern, Mechanical Exhibits Specialist
ext. 386

Tracy Werkley, Mechanical Exhibits Specialist
ext. 337


Laura Jury, Marketing Manager
ext. 238

Adam Albright, Design Manager
ext. 237

Kelsey Sedlacek, Social Media Coordinator
Ext. 204

Preservation, Buildings and Grounds

Susan Maynard, Director
ext. 248

Mary Morris, Operations Associate
ext. 218


Bruce Farmer, Lead Mechanic and Building Maintenance Supervisor
ext. 220

Mike Crawford, Carpenter
ext. 386

Brian Jones, Electrician
ext. 292

Jessee Lee, Painter / General Laborer
ext. 228

Patrick Light, Facilities Assistant
ext. 228

Lisa McCracken, Custodian
ext. 228

Andy Moore, Custodian
ext. 296

Bob Perry, Special Events Assistant
ext. 296

Jim Pierce, Maintenance Technician
ext. 228

Preston Tolliver, Maintenance Mechanic and Custodial Supervisor
ext. 343

Darnell Smallwood, Custodian
ext. 201



Andy Pierson, Supervisor, Grounds and Arborculture
ext. 269

Jason Birch, Small Engine Mechanic
ext. 265

Jim Boring, Grounds Coordinator
ext. 290

Matthew Childs, Arborist
ext. 269

Dan Davis, Groundskeeper
ext. 291

Ty Sims, Groundskeeper
ext. 292

Special Events

Alisha Fox – Special Events Manager
ext. 304