Note: Some tour prices will increase in September 2022.

*NEW* Building S.T.E.A.M. – Grades K-2

Building up STEAM for science education has never been so fun! Early elementary students in grades K-2 explore Hagley’s property and take part in a hands-on workshop that is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards, so that taking a field trip doesn’t have to let the steam out of your curriculum! (ok, ok, we’ll stop).

Workshop Menu:

*Please note that workshops can be modified for any grade level.

            Kindergarten – Marble Runs

  • Explore the how the force of gravity can be slowed down by building a course of ramps for a marble to travel from the top to the bottom of a peg board.
  • NGSS: K-PS2-2; K-PS2-1; K-2 ETS1-1

            1st Grade – Tune into Science

  • Discover how sound is made by vibrations by making a musical instrument.
  • NGSS: 1-PS4-1

            2nd Grade – Trashformation

  • Observe how heat causes reversible and irreversible changes by fusing together plastic grocery bags to create a new material.
  • NGSS: 2-PS1-4; 2-PS1-1,2,3

            *All workshops can be adjusted to be grade-level content specific.  Inquire when booking.

• Time: 2 hours (12-30 students); 2.75 hours (31-75 students; includes lunchtime) 
• Group Size: 12-75 students
• Cost: $7
• Curriculum Standards:  Next Generation Science Standards


Water Power Tour – Grades 3-12

(NOTE: Because of ongoing flood damage repairs, the Water Power Tour is not available until Fall 2022.)

Harness the power of water that operated mills along the Brandywine River through a walking tour of the Hagley powder yards. Students will explore the evolution of power sources used to manufacture black powder and will understand the principles of energy and power as illustrated by an operating waterwheel, a turbine-powered roll mill, a steam engine, and a new water weight activity. Incorporated topics include gravity, renewable resources, technology, and potential, kinetic, and mechanical energy.

• Time: 2 hours
• Group Size: 12-60 (up to 75 with addition of Stream Water Testing Workshop)
• Cost: $6 per student (In September 2022 this tour will cost $7 per student)
• Curriculum Standards, Common Core: DE, PA, MD, NJ

*NEW* Stream Water Testing Workshop – Grades 3-12

(available only as an add-on to the Water Power Tour)

Expand the Water Power tour with this 30-minute workshop that examines the health of the Brandywine River through a series of tests and observations. Students will learn the process of determining a waterway’s health and why it is important. Students will test the pH, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity of a stream water sample.

• Time: 2.5 hours, including the Water Power Tour
• Group Size: 12-75
• Cost: $2, plus the cost of the Water Power Tour (In September 2022 this tour will cost $3 per student)
• Curriculum Standards, Common Core: DE, PA, MD, NJ

Simple Machines – Grades 4-12

Leverage the many simple and complex machines that manufactured black powder here along the Brandywine. Students on this walking tour explore the mechanical advantage of levers, pulleys, gears, inclined planes, and wheels and axles with visits to Hagley’s machine shop, steam engine, roll mill, and much more. Students also experience firsthand how simple machines make life easier with a stop at the fun and interactive Easy Does It! exhibit.

• Time: 2.5 hours
• Group Size: 12-75
• Cost: $6 per student (In September 2022 this tour will cost $7 per student)
• Curriculum Standards, Common Core: DE, PA, MD, NJ


SPEND THE DAY AT HAGLEY… combine two programs for a full experience! Some combinations are suggested above, but other combinations are possible. All combination tours are $8 per student. (In September 2022 combination tours will cost $11 per student)

To find out more about education programs at Hagley, contact Education Program Manager Jeff Durst at (302) 658-2400, ext. 285 or To reserve a tour, contact Group Tour Manager Bonnie Wirth at (302) 658-2400, ext. 259 or