On-site Researcher Policies

Notice: The library is open with limited access by APPOINTMENT ONLY. For more information, click here.  

First-time Using Our Library

Welcome! First-time users must obtain a research card in order to use the collections. You can obtain a registration form at the reference desk in the main library building or in the Soda House. Please bring picture identification and review our reading room policies below prior to your visit.

We encourage all visitors to the library to visit our Search Our Collections page to determine if we have what you are looking for. Please do not hesitate to contact Library reference staff if you have any questions about our collections at 302-658-2400 ext 275 or send an email to askhagley@hagley.org

LIBRARY AND SODA HOUSE ENTRANCE - GPS: 298 Buck Road, Wilmington, DE 19807

Library Reading Room Policy

We ask all researchers visiting Hagley to observe the following rules in our reading rooms:

1. Food, drinks, briefcases, parcels, packages, and umbrellas may not be taken into Hagley reading rooms and research areas. Lockers are provided.

2. Only pencils may be used to take notes.

3. Researchers must not write upon, mark, lean on, or otherwise mishandle research materials. Careless handling of materials may result in revocation of your research card.

4. Post-it notes are harmful to books and manuscripts. The librarian will give you acid-free bookmarks upon request.

5. Users must preserve the existing order of all unbound materials. Please report any disarrangement and/or conservation problems to the staff.

6. Library materials may not be used outside the reading rooms without permission.

7. Researchers must sign the register daily and show the research card upon request. Application for a Research Card

8. Patrons involved in research for current or potential litigation must contact the library in advance to obtain permission to access.

9. Please inform the staff when you are finished with your materials. They may be placed on reserve for agreed-upon periods of time.

10. Access to museum artifact collections is by appointment only; please call the curator of collections (302-658-2400 ext 308).

11. Cell phone use in the reading rooms is prohibited.

12. Scanners, computers and digital cameras (without flash) may be used in the reading rooms with the permission of our reference librarian.