Book Series

To encourage publication of scholarship pertinent to Hagley’s research collections and interests, the Center sponsors a monograph book series with Johns Hopkins University Press and edited volumes based on our conferences published through the University of Pennsylvania Press.

Books from Hagley Conferences

Sound in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (2009)

Food Chains: From Farmyard to Shopping Cart (2008)

Producing Fashion: Commerce, Culture, and Consumers (2007)

The Business of Tourism: Place, Faith, and History (2006)

The Technological Fix: How People Use Technology to Create and Solve Problems (2004)

Industrializing Organisms: Introducing Evolutionary History (2003)

Food Nations: Selling Taste in Consumer Societies (2001)

Boys and their Toys: Masculinity, Class and Technology in America (2001)

Beauty and Business: Commerce, Gender, and Culture in Modern America (2000)

Studies in Industry and Society

Lars Heide, Punched-Card Systems and the Early Information Explosion, 1880-1945 (2009)

Kevin L. Borg, Auto Mechanics: Technology and Expertise in Twentieth-Century America (2007)

Karen Ward Mahar, Women Filmmakers in Early Hollywood (2006)

Pap A. Ndiaye, Nylon and Bombs: DuPont and the March of Modern America (2006)

JoAnne Yates, Structuring the Information Age: Life Insurance and Technology in the Twentieth Century (2005)

Elspeth H. Brown, The Corporate Eye: Photography and the Rationalization of American Commercial Culture, 1884-1929 (2005)

Thomas A. Kinney, The Carriage Trade: Making Horse-Drawn Vehicles in America (2004)

Amy Sue Bix, Inventing Ourselves Out of Jobs?: America's Debate over Technological Unemployment, 1929-1981 (2000)

Sara E. Wermiel, The Fireproof Building: Technology and Public Safety in the Nineteenth-Century American City (2000)

Clark Davis, Company Men: White-Collar Life and Corporate Cultures in Los Angeles, 1892-1941 (2000)

Jo Ann E. Argersinger, Making the Amalgamated: Gender, Ethnicity, and Class in the Baltimore Clothing Industry, 1899-1939 (1999)

Regina Lee Blaszczyk, Imagining Consumers: Design and Innovation from Wedgwood to Corning (1999)

Joseph F. Spillane, Cocaine: From Medical Marvel to Modern Menace in the United States, 1884-1920 (1999)

Pamela Walker Laird, Advertising Progress: American Business and the Rise of Consumer Marketing (1998)

Thomas Heinrich, Ships for the Seven Seas: Philadelphia Shipbuilding in the Age of Industrial Capitalism (1997)

Mark Aldrich, Safety First: Technology, Labor, and Business in the Building of American Work Safety, 1870-1939 (1997)

James P. Kraft, Stage to Studio: Musicians and the Sound Revolution, 1890-1950 (1996)

Lindy Biggs, The Rational Factory: Architecture, Technology and Work in America's Age of Mass Production (1996)

Edward S. Cooke Jr., Making Furniture in Preindustrial America: The Social Economy of Newtown and Woodbury, Connecticut (1996)

John K. Brown, The Baldwin Locomotive Works, 1831-1915: A Study in American Industrial Practice (1995)

JoAnne Yates, Control through Communication: The Rise of System in American Management (1989)

Cynthia J. Shelton, The Mills of Manayunk: Industrialization and Social Conflict in the Philadelphia Region, 1787-1837 (1986)

David A. Hounshell, From the American System to Mass Production, 1800-1932: The Development of Manufacturing Technology in the United States (1984)

John E. Bodnar, Workers' World: Kinship, Community, and Protest in an Industrial Society, 1900-1940 (1982)

Burton W. Folsom, Urban Capitalists: Entrepreneurs and City Growth in Pennsylvania's Lackawanna and Lehigh Regions, 1800-1920 (1981)