The following is a small sampling of companies, organizations, and people that comprise the Hagley Library research collections.  

Companies: Avon, Bethlehem Steel, DuPont, MCI, Pennsylvania Railroad, Radio Corporation of America, Reading Railroad, Remington Rand, Seagram, Sperry Univac, Wawa, Westmoreland Coal, and thousands more.

Industrial Designers: Marc Harrison, Richard Hollerith, Marshall Johnson, Irv Koons, Thomas Lamb, Raymond Loewy, William Pahlmann, and Ken White.

Trade Organizations: Inter-Society Color Council, National Association of Manufacturers, National Automobile Dealers Association, National Foreign Trade Council, National Industrial Conference Board, and the United States Chamber of Commerce.

We also have papers from du Pont family members and collections from individuals documenting the history of business, technology, and industrial design.

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Hagley collections care is handled by our Conservation Departments in the Library and in the Museum.

Academic events and grant programs encouraging use of the collections are organized by the Center for the History of Business, Technology, and Society.

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