Preparing Your Students

Teachers are welcome to visit Hagley for free in preparation for a scheduled field trip. These measures will help to ensure a meaningful experience for every student: Introduce students to Hagley before your visit. We recommend reading "Hagley: A Place in Time" for a good overview.

Click here to download PDF copy of "Hagley: A Place in Time"

  • Clarify the learning objectives of the visit.
  • Link the visit to your curriculum using pre- and post-visit lessons.
  • Let students know what to expect. Research shows that students can focus more on learning if their questions about lunch and the gift shop are answered ahead of time.
  • Be sure students dress for the weather and wear comfortable shoes, as most of our tours are outdoors.
  • Give students opportunities to reflect on the trip and build on it when you return to the classroom.

If you have questions, please contact the Education Program Manager, Jeff Durst, at (302) 658-2400 x285 or by email at