This clip is from Discovering Electronic Music, a 1977 film ....

This clip is from Discovering Electronic Music, a 1977 film produced by BFA Educational Media about the physical basis of music and how it is created and altered by electronic means using synthesizers imitating musical instruments and computer-controlled music and composition created with a computer.

The film includes interviews with F. Richard Moore, who was part of the team that developed the MUSIC V and GROOVE computer music systems for Bell Telephone Labs, and Gerald Strang, composer and  lecturer in electronic music at UCLA.

This film is from Hagley Library's Sponsored and industrial motion picture film collection (Accession 2018.222) an artificial collection compiled by curators that includes single motion picture films or small sets of films acquired via purchase or donation. 

‘Sponsored film’ defines a variety of motion picture productions funded by businesses, organizations, or governments that dictated the point of view, audience, and intent of the film. Industrial or business films are a sub-genre of sponsored films with content that marketed products and ideas, touted a particular company or industry, trained employees, and explained manufacturing or transactional processes around the creation and sales of products and ideas.

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