Come visit the house of tomorrow today. It's got no bedrooms,...

Come visit the house of tomorrow today. It's got no bedrooms, dining rooms, or living rooms, but it does have a kitchen and three bathrooms. Also, it fits inside the now-demolished Houston Astrohall and it's full of chemicals.

This ca. 1970 film documents a display home created by DuPont's Building Products Division to showcaseapplications of the company's chemical products for the creation of home goods and building materials. It is part of Hagley Library's collection of William Henry Radebaugh films and scripts (Accession 1975.412). Radebaugh (1909-1996), was a public relations executive at the DuPont Company for over twenty years. He wrote, produced and directed many films about the company during his tenure there and for several years after his retirement.

Several of the films in this collection are concerned about safety in the plants and in the use of DuPont products. Also included are four compilation reels of short news segments about different products, plants and services of the DuPont Company. There are also films about specific DuPont plants and laboratories including the Haskell Laboratory, the Spruance plant in Richmond, Va.; the Tecumseh plant in Tecumseh, Kansas, the Washington plant in Washington, West Virginia and the twenty fifth anniversary of the Victoria, Texas plant. To view more material from this collection online now, click here to visit its page in our Digital Archive.