There are a lot of national and international Coffee Days out...

There are a lot of national and international Coffee Days out there, from the All Japan Coffee Association's preferred date of October 1st (established 1983 and adopted by the International Coffee Organization in March 2014) to New Orleans' Southern Food and Beverage Museum's date of October 3rd (established 2009). Mongolians set theirs as early as January 3rd and, as of 2006, Indonesia celebrates the bean on August 17th.

From around 1946 through the early 1970s, "coffee days" were benefits and fundraising events, and could be held on any date - in 1947, April 9th was Coffee Day in Mississippi, as participating restaurants across the state donated that day's coffee receipts to the American Cancer Society. In 1962, Governor Archie Gubbrud declared that August 31st would be South Dakota's fifth annual statewide coffee day, with funds that year devoted to "crippled children".

So it's always Coffee Day somewhere, and today is no exception. This photograph was probably taken around 1910, and was probably taken in an Andrew Davey grocery store, a regional chain local to the New York-New Jersey area between 1890 and 1927. But wherever and whenever it was, we bet they liked a good Coffee Day as well.

We're certain, however, that this photograph is from Hagley's Chamber of Commerce of the United States photographs and audiovisual materials, Series II. Nation's Business photographs (Accession 1993.230.II). To view more items from this collection online, visit its page in our Digital Archive by clicking here.