It's a #FoodieFriday for the fellas ...

Pamphlet titled "Man-Pleaser Salads" with an illustration of a gelatin mold salad

It's a #FoodieFriday for the fellas, thanks to the Charles B. Knox Gelatine Company.

This 1938 pamphlet, Man-Pleaser Salads from the Knox Gelatine Kitchens, offered up masculine moulded gelatin dishes like the "Home Run Salad", "Savory Supper Salad", and "Molded Salmon Salad", along with salad dressings and desserts.

This pamphlet is call number PAM 2018.0228 in our collections and part of Hagley Library's Saul Zalesch Collection of American Ephemera. To view this pamphlet online in our Digital Archive, click here.