The Marshall Johnson Collection: Lurelle Guild Materials in the Marshall Johnson Collection

Monday, April 22, 2019

Lurelle Van Arsdale Guild, one of the most prolific and popular industrial designers in America, and a founding member of the Society of Industrial Designers in New York, designed many of the Aluminum Cooking Utensil Company’s (later the ALCOA Company) most popular products.  Guild began designing products for everyday use for the Company’s Wear-Ever line, such as the 1932 oval aluminum coffee pot pictured below. 

In 1934, the company introduced a new line of aluminum giftware and domestic items called Kensington Ware, with Guild designing most of its very stylish products.  The Marshall Johnson Collection contains numerous production drawings of both the everyday items produced by the Aluminum Cooking Utensil Company and the beautiful Kensington Ware products.  In addition, there are catalogs, ads, and other ephemera documenting these popular goods.  Johnson also collected some examples of these products.

Production drawing for #7331- Shell Design Plate, 10/19/38, along with an example of the plate, designed by Lurelle Guild.

A 1957 product brochure for some of the Kensington Ware gifts designed by Guild. The Marshall Johnson Collection contains nearly all of the drawings for the products pictured in this brochure, including the “Handsome” Mayfair Coffee Service on the Chelsea Serving Tray in the center photo.

Production drawing for the KW-7200 Coffee Server with details of the drawings for the KW-7202 Cream Pitcher and the KW-7203 Sugar Bowl, drawn from August to September 1935.  The actual set itself is also in the collections of Hagley’s Manuscripts and Archives, accession #2700, Gift of Vicki Matranga.

These are just a few examples of the many Lurelle Guild materials found in the Marshall Johnson Collection.



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Gail Stanislow is a Project Archivist at Hagley Museum and Library.