Start at Hagley!

A visit to the Brandywine Valley should begin at Hagley—what you discover here will put your entire trip into context. It is here that the du Pont family first settled in America, built their first home, and began the black powder manufacturing business that became the foundation for all the other du Pont enterprises in the world. The legacy of Hagley and the early family can then be seen in the splendor of our neighbors at places like Longwood Gardens, Winterthur, and Nemours.

Today, Hagley is 235 picturesque acres of wooded rolling hills along the rushing Brandywine River dotted with stone ruins of the black powder industry, restored buildings associated with the business, and the original ancestral home and gardens of the du Pont family in America. It is a wonderful experience for groups to share.

Brandywine Tour

Take a journey through the historic DuPont Company black powder yards and the garden and grounds of the first du Pont family home in America. This tour will show guests what makes Hagley unique—the black powder yards, the historic machinery, and the original home of the du Pont family in America. Guests will see demonstrations of our nineteenth-century machine shop, watch a water turbine bring our eight-ton iron roll mills to life, and witness a black powder explosion. On the second half of the tour, guests will visit the du Pont family home, the first office, and their first garden and learn about how the family lived, worked, and played at Hagley.

    $17 per person – two hours – fifteen-person minimum
    Includes guide(s) and bus transportation
    Offered year-round

Ample motor coach parking is available as well as shopping and customized experiences. Group tours are available year-round between 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. every day except Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

For more information or to book a tour, please contact:

Bonnie Wirth, Group Tour Manager
(302) 658-2400, ext. 259