The Ford Model A became commercially available on this day in...


The Ford Model A became commercially available on this day in 1927. After completing construction on the first vehicle of this model on October 20, Ford introduced its follow up to the Model T, generally regarded as the first affordable automobile, on December 2, 1927.

The video clip here of footage documenting the release and promotion of the Ford Model A has been excerpted from a longer film of B-roll footage compiled by the National Automobile Dealers Association to create its 2006 documentary '100 Years of America's Auto Dealerships: The First Century'.

The full video includes scenes of notable figures associated with the company, such as Henry Ford, Henry Ford II, Bensen Ford, William Clay Ford, Edsel B. Ford II, and William Clay Ford Jr., footage of early Ford models in showrooms and in use, World War I & II products, manufacturing and assembly facilities, Ford railroad & aircraft, and village industries.

The full video, from the Hagley Library's collection of National Automobile Dealers Association audiovisual materials and publications (Accession 2014.274) can be viewed on our Digital Archive by clicking here.