Working on that sweater weather body ....

Cover of a "How to Mold a Mighty Chest', featuring a black and white photo of a shirtless man.

Working on that sweater weather body for #FitnessFriday? Yeah, me neither.

But if you do change your mind, Hagley Library’s Digital Archive is here for you. This pamphlet, How to Mold a Mighty Chest, was published by George F. Jowett (1891-1969) and the Jowett Institute of Physical Culture in 1938.

In the pamphlet, Jowett, an English-born Canadian weightlifter and bodybuilder who once billed himself as the "world's strongest man", offered readers an illustrated introduction to the ‘Jowett Course’ of physical training.

This manual is Pam 2016.1132 in Hagley Library’s collections of pamphlets and trade catalogs and is part of our Saul Zalesch Collection of American Ephemera. To view it in full in our Digital Archive, along with other selections from these collections, just click here.