Museum Collections Has a New Website

Friday, July 22, 2022

After several months of working with museum staff and the Vernon Systems personnel who host our website, I am happy to announce that the Museum Collections has a vastly improved and much more user-friendly website.

There are many new and interesting ways of exploring the collection online, and I will give you a brief overview of some ways of searching the collection. Please take some time to check it out for yourself.

Here is a look at the new landing page:

You can start by clicking on any one of the icons or by scrolling down to each section.

“Featured” will take you to our main collections: du Pont Family, DuPont Company, Patent Models, and a link to the entire collection.

“Highlights” is where we have special collections and small exhibitions displayed.

“Topics” takes you to articles about artifacts in our collection.

You can go directly to “Search” or can search by “Maker” or “Object Type” by clicking on one of those icons.

A new feature we added is “Bird’s Eye View,” which gives you a display of small images of everything in the collection and where if you click on one of the images, information about that artifact will pop up.

Another interesting new feature is “Colors,” where you can search by the colors in the images.

Once you have entered the collection pages, you will find on the lefthand side of your screen an assortment of other search choices such as Production Place, Category, and whether the artifact is On View.

Additionally, you can now make a list of objects and email the list to anyone you want. This feature is located at the top of the page entitled “My Shortlist.”

And lastly, there is now a Public Comments feature. It is located on each object page, on the tab underneath the image.


Jennifer Johns is Hagley’s Museum Registrar/Collections Database Manager​.