Bud To Bloom

Rose Garden Virtual Tribute Program

As we eagerly anticipate the first blooms of our newly restored Rose Garden at Hagley, we invite you to honor a loved one this spring in a unique way.

The Rose Garden is an extension of the E. I. du Pont Garden, and its restoration reflects the horticultural interests of E. I. du Pont and his descendants. The rose parterre of the garden was not established until the mid-1800s; its current design is based on an illustration by Victorine du Pont Foster (1849-1934), who sketched the garden from memory in 1925, depicting how it was in 1880. That drawing of the rose garden shows a wheel and spoke design with a central circular bed surrounded by four planting beds bordered by pathways and plants arranged in concentric arcs – features adopted in the current restored garden design.

Historical correspondence documents reveal two lists of purchased roses from 1804 and 1826, and efforts have been made to source and include these roses in the planting design. Other rose varieties that were selected are historically appropriate to the garden’s pre-1890 era.

For a donation of $300 to the Hagley Fund “Bud to Bloom” campaign, you can dedicate a special, “virtual” rose in the Virtual Rose Garden to represent one of our colorful heirloom roses planted late last year.

Bud To Bloom is a great way to honor a graduate, parent, or loved ones. Your gift will also help our Hagley horticulture team bring this beautiful collection of heirloom roses to life!

Select an heirloom color (peach, red, pink, purple, white, yellow) and let us know who you wish to honor or remember. Your tribute will be prominently displayed in our Virtual Rose Garden below throughout 2024. If requested, we will send a beautifully crafted note card to the recipient or family member to inform them of your donation.

Click here to donate.

Scroll down to see the Virtual Rose Garden.

Thank you for your support as we celebrate this “budding” garden!