Hagley Craft Fair

Hagley Craft Fair

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category: Adult Programs  |  location: Library, Soda House

This artisans’ marketplace brings talented artisans from the Mid-Atlantic area to display and sell fine arts, crafts, and gourmet items. This premier show will feature works in wood, pottery, jewelry, fibers, metal, and other media. The fair will include a specialty food market. Use Hagley's Buck Road East entrance off Route 100 in Wilmington, Delaware.

Admission is $5 and free for Hagley members and children five and under.

Saturday - 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Sunday - 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Craft Vendors

Allen D. Androkites/Shaker Boxes

Shaker boxes were produced by the Shakers from 1798 to 1950. My objective is to produce original Shaker designs by following their traditional techniques and then to add a personal twist. This process involves steam bending unique and different woods together to create curved wooden boxes. The boxes are held together with small copper tacks and wooden pegs. After careful formation, a hand rubbed oil finish is applied to produce a well-crafted object that is both functional and beautiful.

My current motivation and discovery has been working with woods that have been stabilized with plastic resin. This creates increased stability in the finished wooden product. Unusual wood grains and burls are selected for this involved treatment, creating a powerfully harmonized work of art and function.

Andrea’s Whimsies

Andrea Barrier designs and makes etched copper and sterling wire jewelry in her Southern Chester County Studio. The copper is acid etched with hand drawn designs and then formed into earrings, bracelets and necklaces using semi-precious stones. The natural designs from the stones are repeated when possible. The sterling silver wire art components are hand formed, hammered and then assembled into one of a kind jewelry pieces using natural stone or handmade glass.

She states that her goal is to make jewelry which is delicate, whimsical and fun to wear.

She is a member of the Oxford Art Alliance and the Newark Art Alliance as well as the PA Guild of Craftsmen and President of the Chester County Craft Guild. In addition she has been a professional costume designer for over 30 years. When not making jewelry she can be found working in her garden or designing costumes for regional theatres.


Anna Biggs Designs

Anna Biggs, a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and The Fashion Institute of Technology, Prides herself on carving unique elements for all of her jewelry.  She takes her inspiration from architecture and nature as well as her travels to other countries.  Each piece of jewelry is hand crafted exclusively by Anna. She calls her work "classic with a twist" interesting enough to wear now, beautiful enough to pass for generations. 


Accents in Bloom

Designing jewelry is my passion and gemstones have been an inspiration to me for as long as I can remember! As a child, I was exposed to beautiful stones because my father is a California gemstone cutter. There were always gorgeous pieces of jewelry around the house. I was fascinated by how many beautiful gems there were and the fact that they came directly out of the earth. These days, my creative process as a designer starts with the journey to buy my gemstones. I travel worldwide to find beautiful gemstone materials and I hand pick every single stone to ensure its quality. I envision my designs as artistic expressions of wearable art more than just basic pieces of jewelry. When beginning a new piece of jewelry, I play with contrasting color schemes at my design table. I will just choose a variety of colors that move me on an aesthetic level. Mixing bold colors and top quality gems that are custom cut into unique shapes is what I am best known for. I then begin to handcraft the piece using different techniques such as soldering, hammering, wire-wrapping and beading, depending on the type of design I am working on. My end product must always be different then what I have previously designed.


Bogan Pottery

Stoneware and sea glass pottery


Elisabeth Jönsson Brown

I am a handweaver and designer of women’s fashions; coats, jackets, skirts, capes, shawls, scarves and hats. My fabrics and styles are very much influenced by my Swedish background. Classic and useful for almost any occasion.


Gloryfibers & Design Co.

Fiber painted textiles and fashions.


Katherine Cheetham Glass

My work includes multi-layered fused glass panels designed to be hung in windows or displayed on mantels, tabletops or in cabinet doors.  Many of my pieces have inclusions of natural elements and copper.  I enjoy using found materials and repurposed frames.  My panels are best viewed in natural light.  I also make flame worked glass pendants and holiday ornaments along with fused plates, platters and bowls that have been draped, raked or slumped.  My prices range from $20 - $60 for pendants/ ornaments/small plates and $100 - $3500 for fused panels/platters/bowls.


Cooley Ceramics

I make a variety of home and garden décor and serving pieces that feature whimsical creatures, each individually modeled and painted.


The Fairy Potter

Fairy lore dates back hundreds of years.  The tradition continues with the resurgence of fairy garden enthusiasts.  Every fairy garden needs a home and every fairy house is all weather and can be displayed indoors or outdoors.

Each design is original, hand built, and one of a kind, conceived and sculpted by artist, Sue Ann Cox.  Designs are based on the language of the flora and fauna of the world which adds to the unique appeal of the designs.  


Starland By Hand

I design jewelry for pleasure. Taking a blank slate like sterling silver wire or sheet and using some combination of those processes to form something intriguing and delightful is an exciting experience. Even more exciting is watching a client’s face light up when they discover a piece that complements their sense of taste and style.  My desire is to create pieces that are modern, affordable and approachable-jewelry that is easy to wear, comfortable and appealing with solid design techniques and attention to craftsmanship.  


The Parsonage Soap

At The Parsonage Handmade Soaps, our goals are: to strive for excellence in the soap making process; to make objects that enhance the life of the user; to know the origins of our materials and to use sustainable resources whenever possible; to make a long-lasting product using materials and processes which do not harm the makers, our customers or the environment; to deal with our customers, suppliers and each other in an ethical and fair manner; to foster, utilize and pass on skills that enhance our craft, and to enjoy and relish the process.


Joy Davis Jewelry Designs

I am a self-taught silversmith and metal jewelry artist.  I create one-of-a kind and limited edition contemporary jewelry in my sun-drenched studio in the artists and craftsmen village of Ardentown, Delaware.   My designs range from sophisticated and classic to whimsical and fun!  


Silver Fox Pottery

Since childhood I have always loved "making things". In 1988, I took a workshop in colored porcelain and realized immediately that clay was the medium for me. I began to explore clay and the many possibilities that present themselves as the imagination and material itself are stretched. Wheelwork soon became my passion. I found myself trying to express feelings of passion, longing and reaching out as I formed pieces with large round curves, slender necks and flaring rims. I became drawn to spirals and curving lines and so incorporated these elements into my work. I mixed many glaze recipes to find glazes that worked well with my shapes and learned to layer several glazes to get the depth and variegation that I was looking for. I enjoy experimenting with clay and find that each new venue I explore leads to many others. For me, clay is exciting, sensual, expressive and alive. I love to touch it and form it and see it become something right before my eyes. Clay is the perfect companion for my creative side.


Magpie Designs

I work in the medium of papier-mâché.  Each figure is made individually by hand.  The pieces are embellished with an assortment of materials, including wire paper and ribbon.  The figures are then handpainted with acrylic paints and varnished.  Designs include the themes of spring, Halloween and Christmas.  The prices of my work range from $18 to $125.  I hope that you enjoy these whimsical folk art figures as much as I enjoy making them.


Designs by Lara

Her work, including articles she has written on jewelry making, appear in numerous publications and is exhibited nationally in galleries and art shows.  The ancient art of enameling dates back to the Hellenistic Era.  Lara uses this historic medium to create unique pieces.  Her jewelry is a reflection of her inner vision inspired by her love of life, nature, the ancient world, and her travels to places near and far.  Handcrafted in sterling silver and high carat gold, her heirloom quality jewelry is unique, affordable and comfortable to wear.  Her jewelry continuously interacts with its wearer, expressing its owner’s sense of beauty. 


Happyrock Pottery

My work consists of wheel thrown and hand built pottery. The majority of my pieces are raku fired or alternate fired in the raku kiln. I am still amazed at the glazes after each firing.

Golden Touch Gifts

All of the bowls and utensils that I make are hewn (carved) using an adz or gouges and mallet. The grain pattern in the wood gives each piece its own character and uniqueness, making it a one of a kind item that would grace any table or display shelf. All pieces are finished with mineral oil and bee’s wax, making them entirely food safe. .They can be used for hot or cold foods.  With proper care these bowls and utensils will give you years of service and possibly a family heir loom.

The prices of my items range from $15.00 for utensils’ to several hundred dollars for custom made items. The average show items are mostly in the $85.00 to $200.00 range, some very large items go to $500.00.


Reclaimed Creations

As a student of The School in Rose Valley, which is steeped in the ethos of the Arts and Crafts Movement, I learned the joy of creating functional beauty. Through my biologist father I learned to celebrate the interconnectedness of all things and to treasure nature.  These two sources of inspiration inform my art and life.  I construct wearable art from reclaimed wool sweaters.  By repurposing something as familiar as a sweater into a warm and whimsical hat or a pair of toasty mittens, my work provokes puzzled smiles, the urge to reach out and touch and then chuckles of recognition.


Metal Aesthetics

I am inspired by nature and pattern and I work to bring both texture and balance to my pieces while respecting the boundaries of the materials I've chosen and the demands of making my jewelry wearable and my clocks functional. I strive to evoke the patterns, textures and shapes from nature that are as simple as they are beautiful.

I use a mix of metals to fabricate my jewelry and my clocks. I hand texture the metals and apply different patinas to add contrast and color. I employ many different traditional jewelry techniques such as roller printing, corrugating, stamping, fold forming, enameling and hydraulic press forming to create further interest. You can see my jeweler's influence through the embellishments such as gem stones, pearls and shell on both mediums.


Harmony Weavers Guild

Harmony Weavers Guild has been in existence for more than 40 years and fosters the love of textile arts.  We are a group of creative textile and fiber enthusiasts who get together monthly for inspiration, education and fun. Our booth will sell items that are all handmade by our members and will include handwovens, basketry, knitting and crocheting and possibly other fiber arts.  In the past, members have also submitted polymer clay jewelry and shawl pins that can be used to accent the many shawls and wraps. The selections in our booth will cover a variety of price points (i.e., we can offer something for everyone).  


Philip Hauser Woodturnings

Philip Hauser has been a wood turner since 1987. He emphasizes the natural beauty and the imperfections of whole pieces of wood. Mother Nature produces an infinite variety of interesting shapes and contortions, and Philip’s goal is to work with the natural flow to create pleasing pieces of turned wood. He is committed to creating traditionally shaped pieces for everyday use as well as for decoration.

He likes to turn local woods including cherry, maple, box elder, mulberry, black walnut, black locust, and others. In addition, some of his pieces use more exotic imports such as coolibah, red gum, red mallee, pink myrtle, eucalyptus to name a few.

Philip Hauser is a long time member of the American Association of Woodturners. He is a member the Bucks Turners in PA, the First State Turners in New Castle Del., and he is the former President of the DelVal Turners in NJ. Since 2004 he is a State juried member of the Pennsylvania Craft Guild.

He exhibits his work at the 43 Canal Studio in New Hope, and at the Brookfield Craft Center in Brookfield, CT.  Over the last few years he has been an exhibitor at a number of juried craft shows in the region, such as: the Perkins Center and New Hope Arts; the Princeton Craft show; the Lincoln Center Craft Show in New York City, the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen and the Hagley Museum craft show in Wilmington, DE, as well as others.    


Cutting Board Man

We make cutting boards, cheeseboards, serving trays and lazy susans using scrap Corian.  


United Plates of America

I make maps out of license plates. I also make stars, and have created a puzzle out of my artwork. I have been doing this work since I retired 17 years ago.


Megan’s Jewelry Box

Megan Horan is a primarily self-taught jewelry artist using off loom bead weaving and bead embroidery techniques to create unique, nature inspired jewelry.  Pieces are created by stitching beads together using various techniques such as peyote stitch, netting and brick stitch and by stitching beads directly to material for bead embroidery.  These pieces use glass seed beads, semi-precious stones and other accent pieces.  She has been creating jewelry for approximately 11 years.  Megan frequently demonstrates bead weaving at shows, as time permits.  Stop by to see how these pieces are made, one bead at a time.


Pamela Horstmann

For over thirty years I have been designing, creating, and marketing wearable art that consists of scarfs, hats, vests, coats, and jackets.  I use natural fibers and incorporate a variety of fiber techniques such as warp painting, weaving, knitting, felting, and creative stitching to create unique garments and accessories.  My work is constantly evolving as I continue to explore and experiment with a variety of materials and textile design techniques.  I love working with color and use nature as my inspiration.

Irina’s Original

Unique, one of a kind Nino Felted scarves and shawls, hand knit sweaters and vests. 


Peggy Keil

Using her love of fine fabrics and over 40 years of sewing, Peggy creates top quality handbags, quilts and pillows. Attention is paid to detailed construction and unique color pairings. These items are not only built to last, but will also stylishly stand the test of time.

Celeste Kelly Mosaics

Celeste Kelly is a mosaic artist who loves to break things up and rearrange them into her own traffic stopping creations. Her mosaic birdbaths, benches and garden sculptures are unique and made to enchant and inspire the garden, patio, or deck.  Her mosaics are made from stained glass, tile, mirror, bottles and other found objects.  She makes all her own ceramic faces and tiles and bevels each piece of stained glass.  The garden fairies and woodland spirits all delight in Celeste’s creations.


Grete Design

I have always been involved in crafts and designs. All kinds of crafts were part of my upbringing in Europe. I learned to knit when I was five years old and I never stopped. Later on I spent years as an interior designer and creator of home furnishings. Then I realized that knitting and jewelry making really are interior design in mini format. Shapes, forms, colors, texture are essential in both. Creative knitting and jewelry making is now my big passions.


Janet Kofoed Jewelry

Janet Kofoed creates unique pieces in silver, gold, and semiprecious stones. The daughter of a military officer, Janet's work reflects the influences of the many countries where she has lived, as well as her love of nature and science. She often uses natural objects and textures in her work. She studied jewelry making at the Smithsonian Institution, and has been making fine handcrafted jewelry for more than thirty years. 


Pure Scents Candle Company

Pure Scents Candle Company makes 100% Soy Wax Candles that are hand poured and richly scented. Because Pure Scents candles are made of soy wax, they burn clean without the carbon emitted from burning paraffin candles. Our candles are hand poured in micro batches to assure that each candle is unique in appearance and fragrance. The mixture of different notes made these candles smell unlike any other. Pure Scents is located in West Chester, PA.


Side Stitch by Ginny

Side Stitch by Ginny combines beautiful fabrics into functional home decor and fashion pieces. You'll find table runners, linen bread bags, yoga mat bags, aprons, throw and baby blankets, hairbands, plaid flannel infinity scarves, modern ponchos and more at this year's Craft Fair. You can preview Side Stitch by Ginny on Facebook, Instagram and Etsy.


Ramona T. Maziarz

I am a pen and ink artist. My technique is a simple one, a metal nib dipped into a bottle of ink and touched to paper to draw one line after another.  Standing on soft moss in the woods, listening to nature under the trees, that is my heart's home and church.  When I find something along the way that has charmed me, touched my curiosity or challenged me to deeper understanding; I find joy in exploring it further and inking it.  Inking helps me to connect to the natural world. Sharing the images helps to connect me with others.


De Mon Jardin

My focus is original pressed botanicals, ferns and ornamental grasses. I have been creating works of art using flowers, ferns and grasses from my garden for over twenty years. My designs, with their clean lines and use of nature's vibrant colors, complement traditional and contemporary decor. My olive wood frames reflect my Provençal background, having grown up in the south of France. A custom made acid free mat completes my work. The result is that each piece is unique, with no two designs alike.


Naturally Yours

Susan (Suzi) Nonn has been interested in natural crafts all her life. For the last fifteen years she has concentrated on gourds. She teaches workshops at Gourd Festivals all over the United States and at Harford Community College. She is the coordinator for the college’s gourd group. She is the author of Cut-Out Gourd Techniques, a book written for gourd artists to improve their skills with the mini saw.

Suzi creates decorative and functional bowls and birdhouses, as well as whimsical seasonal items. Starting with a dried gourd, she cuts or carves designs inspired by nature. For color, she uses dyes or inks that not only penetrate the gourd surface, but also enhance the fundamental gourd patterns. Many of her gourds are embellished with natural materials.


Shady Hill Clayworks

Nature is our primary source inspiration. Most designs are created using actual leaves and wood from the beautiful woodlands of eastern Pennsylvania. Inspired by Edward Weston, some textures in the stoneware are locally grown produce, found at food co-ops and farmer's markets. Leaves include asparagus, astiboldis, begonia grandis, bok choy, cimicifuga, various cabbages, coleus, collard greens, elephant ears, empress trees, ferns, hydrangeas, kale, maple, mustard greens, oaks, ornamental rhubarb, petasites gigantic, skunk cabbage, and sycamore. Woodclayworks combine leaf clayworks and unique hardwoods. The wood is trimmed, smoothed, finish sanded and sealed with Tung oil. Clay leaves are added to compliment the wood finish and color. Hardware transforms each wood claywork into a functional hook rack for kitchen utensils, jewelry, keys, cutting boards, those special decorative scarves, coats and hats, etc.   


Anna Polan Design

I have been designing clothing for over 30 years.  Fabulous colors, shimmering, embroidered, silks, cottons, cashmere and wools are combined to make my signature clothing. It looks great and feels soft and sumptuous with a perfect cut and a custom fit. I perfect my patterns to a fine flattering line. My clothing has been known to make clients appear pounds lighter instantly.

All of my pieces are perfect for the savvy traveler. With my coordinates you'll be ready for a gala opening or an easy day in jeans. They are packable, easy to care for, and wrinkle free. I work out of my studio in Allentown, PA.

My line can be seen at fine craft fairs such as Lincoln Center, New York; Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia and ACC Baltimore.    


Imaginative Fine Woodworking

I make unique wood boxes. My overall design can be described as Arts and Crafts with a Japanese influence. My goal is to design a piece that can bridge between fine craft and fine art. With this as a guiding principle, I focus on the true beauty of natural wood while providing an object with practical functional use. The challenge is making these objects more than their function by making them art worthy of display and inspiring discussion.



Colorful handmade clothing, shoes and accessories.


Tesoro Design

Tesoro Design, co-owned by Brittany Reed and Emily Pisano, is a leather handbag and accessories company. Based in West Chester, PA, all products are handmade and sourced within the United States. Classic, timeless styles handmade in America create the bare bones of Tesoro. Combined with unique leather and hair on hide choices, and the multi-functionality of the products, Tesoro bags and leather goods are treasures for your everyday that last a lifetime. Prices range from $30 for a tassel key chain to $400 for a large leather tote. We will also have men’s products launching in our Fall/Winter 2016 collection.


Woodturning by Rog

My specialty is woodworking specifically wood turning. I create items from both exotic and domestic woods. Due to the complex configurations, most of the items I make are one of a kind in which I take great pride. My pieces include bowls salt and pepper mills cutting boards cheese boards beer taps keepsake boxes, ornaments vases as well as pens.my price range is from $25.00 to $350.00.  Each handcrafted piece takes between 2weeks to a month to complete into a fully functional work of art.  I am continually thinking of new designs to enhance my portfolio.  I am in the process of designing chess boards.


She Got Glass

I have been working with fused glass for over seven years and I’m a member of the Chester County Craft Guild.  I’ve taken some basic glass fusing classes and experimented on my own.  After some trial and error I’ve been able to develop my fusing and slumping techniques. 

To create my pieces I start with glass powder, frit and sheets cutting, arranging and stacking to achieve my design which is fused in an electric kiln.  Pieces are cold worked and polished before final slump for shaping into a mold.

I make fused glass plates, bowls, and vases.  My pieces will brighten your home for everyday use or entertaining.  My colorful work will grab your attention.  


Christine Spangler

I enjoy designing hand woven pieces that are functional as well as decorative accents. Hand woven scarves, blankets, shawls, table linens and hats are woven on an eight harness floor loom with natural fibers and other textural commercial yarns. My style blends patterns and colors utilizing weaving techniques that I have studied and explored.

Jeffrey Stambaugh

Wheel-thrown, stoneware pottery for floral design with an emphasis on Ikebana and Japanese style flower arranging.

My Santa’s

I make each Santa individually. That is why each has a different appearance and their own personality. Their heads and hands are sculpted from clay.

I also make their bodies and clothes. Their hair and beards are made from mohair or sheep wool. The sizes range from 18 to 34 inches.

Some of my Santa’s are traditional and some represent a Santa from different countries. And some of my Santa’s are just plain fun. I also make Mrs. Santa and elves. 

Tall Oak Trading Company

I am Gary Stewart of Tall Oak Trading Company.  I use a variety of domestic hardwoods to create high quality cutting boards, bread and dip serving boards, serving trays, wine holders, wine racks, beer flight holders, rolling pins, honey dippers and collection display cases. 

Each piece begins with roughhewn lumber which I plane, route, cut, assemble, sand and finish myself in my shop in Millsboro, Delaware.  Much of the wood I use is sourced from a local sawmill and includes oak, maple, walnut, ash, holly, sassafras and cherry.  Some pieces have accents of exotic hardwoods.  My art is designed to be both functional and beautiful.  With a minimal amount of care, my pieces will last a generation.    


P2 Ware Art Tile

Carrying on a century long family tradition in ceramics, Patricia Tolton is a tile artist. Her ancestors emigrated from England finding work in Ohio potteries. Her ceramic interest started with collecting pottery. Patricia, with a degree in Horticulture and having owned her own landscape business, has an intimate knowledge of the natural world. With her family heritage rooted in the Arts and Crafts Movement, Patricia’s work is handcrafted in her Downingtown, PA studio. There she combines her experience as a landscape designer and family history to create her modern version of Arts and Crafts tile.

LS- Photos

My photographs cover the areas of Landscapes, Flowers, Nature, and Old Buildings. The majority cover the Delmarva region. I studied photography under Professor Byron Shurtlef at the University of Delaware, and in workshops “Modern Masters of Photography” with Kevin Fleming, “Capturing Light” with photographer Marc Clery, Allen Rokach’s “Focus on Flowers”, and internationally known, John Shaw. Kevin and Marc have inspired me to go farther with my hobby and with their guidance, instruction, and expertise have provided me the uniqueness of each shot.

I have framed and matted prints, which range in size from 20 by 24 down to 5 by 7. I also have a wide selection of note cards. My process for large framed prints start at $150 and go down to $30 for the smaller framed prints. The matted prints start at $100 for the large prints and go down to $20 for the smallest prints. The notecards sell for $4 each. 

Yan’s Art Studio

One-of-a-kind copper works, sculptures, ornaments, using recycled industrial metals.

Handcrafted by Abraham Warren

My work as an artist is a love story. I have been smitten with wood for as long as I can remember. The raw material that I am attracted to is flawed. I choose to work with trees that are that have cracks and scars. My goal is to create beauty by working with and ultimately highlighting insect damage, lightning strikes and other defects. Once unappreciated specimens become a marriage of asymmetry and harmony; the end result presents itself as a whole. I find that by striving for imperfection my work becomes a metaphor that speaks to our own imperfections and opens people's eyes to the possibility of their own rejuvenation and reinvention.

My final goal as an artist is that of matchmaker, introducing my furniture to its owners and their homes. My hope is that my pieces are multi- generational, picking up experiences and scars along the way adding another chapter to their story.

Links & Pearls

Links and Pearls jewelry includes a collection of uniquely designed, flexible, and fluid chainmaille necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, and classic hand-knotted pearl necklaces. The jewelry is fabricated using sterling silver, 14k gold fill, and/or niobium. The inspiration for the jewelry comes from the beauty and strength that can be created with careful and precise craftsmanship combined with the love of creating it.

DingsBling Jewelry

Flat pieces of dichroic glass are used to create a dichroic bead in my kiln.  The idea of creating the bead is an original concept, which has a patent.

When the bead is finished fusing, and is cooled, it is then placed on a piece of quality leather, a strap that is approx. 10cm wide.  Metal sliders, and “O” rings are used to keep the glass bead in place.  The bracelet ends are finished with a magnetic clasp.

The bracelets are sold fully assembled, by my taste, or a customer can personalize the bracelet by picking out the bead, and the leather.  The wrist is sized, and completed by myself.

This process has been a big success at previous shows.  It allows the customer to be involved in creating their own art piece.

Specialty Food Market Vendors

Backyard Jams and Jellies

My name is Krista Scudlark, and I started making jams and jellies over 25 years ago. My little hobby is now, a real business, Backyard Jams and Jellies. The first jelly that I made was Green Hot Pepper Jelly. After trying it at a friends’ house (on cream cheese and crackers) I was hooked. I asked for that recipe, and now I make twenty different flavors of pepper jelly! My biggest sellers are the Mango and the Peach Hot Pepper Jellies.


Crisp Pickles

Thomas Peter of Hockessin, DE, founded Crisp Pickles in 2013. Thomas utilizes training as a scientist to perfect the texture and flavor of the produce he preserves, creating unique pickles of unparalleled quality. Our six products; Sweet Ginger Pickles, Grand Dill Pickles, Pint Pickles, Dilly Beans, Pinot Noir Pickled Beets and Savory Pickled Mushrooms, are found in gourmet shops across the country. Our pickles are prized as holiday gifts and Bon Appétit selected our Pint Pickle as the perfect addition to a Thanksgiving turkey sandwich!


Double Spiral Chocolate

Double Spiral Chocolate is the first handcrafted bean-to-bar chocolate maker in Delaware, located in The Ardens.  We balance taste & nutrition using wholesome ingredients minimally processed; select single origin cacao for distinctive flavors and inspiring stories; and make sustainable choices with positive environmental and global development impact.  Our dark chocolate bars are crafted from only 2 or 3 organic ingredients sourced by Direct/Fair Trade: cacao beans (70+%), unrefined cane sugar or dates, and sometimes a 3rd whole food ingredient (e.g. mint leaves, coffee beans, raspberries, ginger, etc.) 


Fusions Taster’s Choice

Fusions Taster's Choice specializes in gourmet olive oils and vinegars from around the world. Our oils are fresh, seasonal, and Gold Medal award winners. We have Ultra-Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOO), flavor infused and fused oils that cannot be found in the big box stores. Our oils come from the Northern and Southern Hemispheres and that guarantees freshness because they change every six months as well as we bottle them at our location.  Our balsamic vinegars are from Modena, Italy and we carry an 18-year-old barrel aged Traditional Balsamic Dark Vinegar that tantalizes your taste buds and imagination. We also carry White Balsamic Vinegars, which leaves a fresh clean taste and keeps the foods light for the crisp flavor. Also offered is Basil Pesto that is out of this world along with seasonings and much more. Most importantly, just about everything is available for you to taste. “Taste the Experience and Experience the Taste”. It's the best you've never had till you've had it!  


Hazel and Ash Organics

Artisan, local, organic jarred goods: salsas, hot sauces, relishes, and other seasonal concoctions. We're pushing the local, organic food movement by growing, sourcing and preserving the fruit of our seasonal, local labor. We strive to promote health through food that nourish the body, soul and the environment.


MacDougalls’ Cake

Taste a MacDougall’s Irish Victory Cake and you’ll be so glad you did! Our legendary, gold medal butter cake recipe, once the envy of Kings and Queens throughout the British Isles, will have your taste buds feeling like royalty. Celebrate with a victory! 


Mert’s Nuts

Mert’s Nuts is a premium artisanal nut roasting company. Using my Mom’s [proprietary] recipe, we butter roast savory pecans and nuts and top salted caramels with our savory pecans. These pecans are unique: not sweet, not just salty, but flavorful and addictive. The Union League of Philadelphia says our nuts

“… heighten the bar experience” in their 1862 restaurant.

  • No sugar added
  • No oil: We roast using USDA AA Lancaster County Butter
  • Non GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • Low Carb

These are not your Grandmother’s Bridge nuts. These savory pecans are for the customer who appreciates sophisticated taste (perhaps paired with a fine wine or artisanal brew), understands the healthy benefits of the pecan and whole ingredients, and values the belief: You get what you pay for.    


Mo Jo’s Pop Co.

We are a mother-daughter team working together to make gourmet toffee popcorn. Our recipe was in the family for almost 25 years before we decided to open MoJo's Pop Co. in 2013. We make our popcorn in West Chester, PA using Non-GMO corn from Lancaster County. Our toffee is crafted in small batches with quality natural ingredients and hand-tossed with the popcorn. We pack each piece of popcorn with care in our signature gift bags ensuring you receive a beautiful and most importantly, delicious treat every time.  


PA Fudge Company

Few things bring people together like Fudge and Johnnie and John Young owners of the PA Fudge Company are certainly connecting with a multitude of people through their Amazing Home Made Fudge. All lovers of their sweet treats keep coming back for this Lancaster County treasure of fudge. Johnnie makes all the fudge by hand in small batches using quality ingredients and fresh is what sets them apart. No matter what your flavor preference is, you can be assured, according to their customers, that PA Fudge Companies fudge is the best fudge they have ever tasted, NIX BESSER! 1/4lb. $4.00 & 1/2 lb. $7.75



Smackerals Made to Order Bakery is located in Middletown, DE. We specialize in custom cakes, cookies, pastries and pies. Each item is made using the highest quality ingredients and we bake from scratch.   


The Squirrel’s Nest

The Squirrel’s Nest - voted “Best Candy Store” offers chocolates made with pure butter and real vanilla.  Nothing artificial!  Over the years these confections have graced the table at Woodburn for Governors affairs and traveled abroad as gifts from Delaware. After 40 years Nancy decided to close her quaint little shop and spend more time with her grandchildren. To the delight of her customers Nancy continues to participate in several events a year. 100% of the profits go to support the Alzheimer’s Association. 

Taste Artisanal Market

In 2010, Lisa Ferraro Klinge began making her gourmet creations at her cheese shop, inspired by the idea of creating delicious spreads that would make every meal a special occasion.  Each creation is handcrafted with only the finest natural ingredients and lots of love and passion.  The result is delicious – you will want to share with your family and friends.  As Lisa says, ‘Tasting is Believing’!

Taste was created in 2010 out of a love for food and people.  I’m inspired each and every day by my garden, the seasons, and my heritage and create recipes and products that reflect those influences.  I garden biodynamically, and treat our bees in the same way – using only the tools (herbs) that nature has given us, and not chemicals.  My ingredients are sourced as local as possible, and I know and work with many of the dairies and farms that provide our cheese and other ingredients.  I believe you can taste the care, quality, and love that goes into my products. 


Tat’s Yummies

I am from Switzerland. Baking runs in the family from generation. Our cake are unique, our apple cake is one of many. We offer a variety of cookies both traditional and European Specialties, linzer, leckerly, almond biscotti and more... We have great, fabulous and luscious dessert such as our chocolate mousse. We make assortment of petit four (mini pastries) such as french macaroon, lemon tarts, mini fruits tarts, pecans... All made fresh and from scratch we delight to use the freshest ingredients and spices. This is an opportunity for you to expand your pallet to different exquisite specialties from Europe…. and have a delightful experience with each bite of our delicious products.

Thanks and see you at Hagley Museum Craft Fair were you will find awesome variety food specialties and unbelievable artisans!


The Bacon Jams​

"The Bacon Jams are gourmet bacon spreads made by Chef Mike Oraschewsky. What started as a passion in his restaurant is now a foodie sensation. It's quite simple: bacon, brown sugar, caramelized onions, and apple cider vinegar jammed into a jar for you, the ultimate bacon connoisseur!  The Bacon Jams makes it easy to baconize your favorite burgers, pasta dishes, appetizers, and even desserts!"


Whiskey Hollow

Whiskey Hollow is a local run family business focused on clean eating.  We are firm believers in knowing what is in your food and where it came from.  Our maple syrup operation is nestled in the hills of Bradford County, in northern Pennsylvania.  It is here where we collect the sap and boil it down into golden deliciousness.  At the time of bottling, we infuse a portion of the syrup with vanilla and cinnamon using all natural approaches – a simple vanilla bean or cinnamon stick in each bottle.  Another portion of the syrup is poured into whiskey barrels from a local distillery where it is left to age and absorb the flavors of oak and whiskey.  Stop by our booth for an opportunity to chat with us about our operation and a taste of PA Pure Maple Syrup.


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