Research Seminar: Regina Lee Blaszczyk

 DuPont Quana nylon fashion shot, 1970

Research Seminar: Regina Lee Blaszczyk

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This paper examines the synthetics revolution in fashion and fibers within the context of the new field of the history of the senses.  The story of the synthetics revolution—the introduction of man-made and test-tube fibers into the textile-fashion supply chain—has most often been told as the story of heroic inventors or the story of the judicious management investment in R&D.  In reality, DuPont and other fiber makers of the mid to late twentieth century were also innovative marketers who invested heavily in product development, advertising, motivational research, and promotion.  Those efforts, in turn, attempted to tap into and capitalize on the hopes, desires, and concerns of consumers on matters of comfort and convenience. 

Attendees are encouraged to read Blaszczyk's paper, "The Synthetics Revolution and the Senses," which may be obtained by contacting Carol Lockman at

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