From Napoleon to Shish Kebab: Library Treasures with the Hagley Historian

Monday, April 27, 2020

In our last newsletter, we heard from Hagley Historian Lucas Clawson about his new video series. This week, we wanted to feature two videos from the series.

In our first video, Lucas shows us nearly two dozen of his favorite items from the Hagley Library collection. Among the material featured are signed documents from Louis XVI, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Abraham Lincoln as well as treasures from the du Pont family, a painting of a famed Civil War battle, declassified documents from World War II, and objects from our industrial design collections.  Among the industrial design objects is an ingenious indoor Shish Kebab maker called the Kabob-It that somehow never caught on (as it should have) with American home cooks. We think all it needed was a little more marketing dollars and George Forman as a spokesperson!

Here is Behind the Scenes: Manuscripts Reading Room with the Hagley Historian

In addition to the long-form videos like the one above, Lucas has also done shorter videos. This one about our DuPont Company Mural from the 1939 World's Fair, now prominently displayed in the Hagley Soda House, explains the significance and purpose behind one of our most familiar and frequently seen display items:

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