The DuPont Powder Works, the Brandywine Home Front, and the American Civil War

The DuPont Powder works served as a key and vital agent for the Union cause, producing nearly one-half of the black powder used by the Union Army and Navy. Learn the fascinating stories of the du Pont family members who served in support of gunpowder manufacturing, as well as Union soldiers and sailors. Highlighted is the alarming effect that the invasions of the North by the Confederate Army had on the Brandywine Home Front, including the Maryland Campaign resulting in the Battle of Antietam-Sept. 1862; and the Pennsylvania Campaign resulting in the Battle of Gettysburg-June/July 1863.

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  • $17 per person – two hours – fifteen to forty people
  • Includes guide(s) and bus transportation
  • Offered April 1 through November 30

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