William Almond & Co.

Also known as: Lewis Summerl & Co.
Owner: William Warner, John Torbert, William Almond, Lewis Summerl
Industry type: Textile mill
Location: Henry Clay Mill
Active dates: 1822-1824

Summary: William Almond & Co. leased the mill, known as the Hagley Cotton Factory, from E. I. du Pont, Archibald McCall, Samuel McCall, and Robert McCall on May 28, 1822. To satisfy the terms of the lease, the company was required to build a bridge across Squirrel Run and maintain the road in addition to paying $3000 per year in rent. William Almond pulled out of the cotton-spinning business on March 28, 1823 and the company was renamed Lewis Summerl & Co. The retitled business continued to operate for another year but vacated the mill in 1824.

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