This #MotorMonday, we're taking a ride in a Berkeley...

This #MotorMonday, we're taking a ride in a Berkeley. These microcars, which ran on motorcycle-derived engines,were manufactured by England's Berkeley Cars, Ltd. from 1956 to 1960.

This model, the T60, was the company's only three-wheel model and was released in September 1959. The wheel arrangement was a real selling feature; in England, they were classed as motorcycles and could be driven with only a motorcycle license and sold with lower purchase and road tax fees.


This catalog is part of Hagley Library's Z. Taylor Vinson collection of transportation ephemera (Accession 20100108.ZTV). For over sixty years, Zachary Taylor Vinson (1933-2009), a senior lawyer with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 1993-1995 president of the Society of Automotive Historians, and 1995-2009 editor of Automotive History Review amassed a large and comprehensive collection of printed material documenting on the history transportation, particularly automobiles.Our Digital Archive offers a small selection of materials from the Vinson collection documenting the history of the automobile and transportation. Click here to view them online.