Shipley Mills

Owner: Thomas Shipley, Joseph Shipley, Samuel Shipley
Industry type: Flour mill
Location: Orange Street, Brandywine Village
Active dates: c. 1755-1827

Summary: In 1755, Thomas Shipley inherited the Brandywine Village property belonging to his uncle, Oliver Canby. The property already contained a flour mill at the foot of Orange Street on the south side of the Brandywine. Shipley built an additional mill in 1762, possibly near the foot of French Street. Thomas Shipley's son Joseph Shipley and grandson Samuel Shipley later ran the mill. Oliver Canby's son, William Canby, may have eventually acquired the property. One of the mill buildings was purchased by the City of Wilmington for $28,000 on June 17, 1827 and converted into a power station for the city's waterworks.

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