On this date, February 10, in 1989 Ron Brown (1941-1996) was...

On this date, February 10, in 1989 Ron Brown (1941-1996) was elected chairman of the Democratic National Committee. The election made Brown the first Black person to lead a major American political party.

Following his chairmanship, Brown served as the first Black United States Secretary of Commerce from January 1993 to April 1996, during the first term of President Bill Clinton. This photograph from a June 1993 issue of Nation's Business shows Brown in his role as Secretary of Commerce addressing a televised town meeting on North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), along with co-panelists (left to right) small-business owner Steve Nunn, U.S. Chamber of Commerce board of directors Toby Malichi and Boyd Berends, and U.S. Chamber trade expert John Howard.

Nation's Business's was a monthly publication released by the Chamber of Commerce of the United States.Itspublishing run lasted from 1912 to 1999.The Hagley Library's holdings of this resource, call numbertf HF1 .N38 in our published collections, cover all the years of its publication, with issues for each year typically included in their entirety. All of the issues in our collection from 1914 on have been digitized - you can view them online now by clicking here.