The first U.S. patent for a traffic signal was issued on this date ...

Black and white photograph of two children on a bicycle and a toy car play-acting a traffic stop.

The first U.S. patent for a traffic signal was issued on this date, November 29, in 1910. Patent No. 976,939 for a "Street Traffic System" was granted to Ernest E. Sirrine, an engineer from Chicago, Illinois.

The design, based on an earlier system designed by English engineer and railway manager John Peake Knight, featured crosswise-mounted sign arms that rotated to showing "Stop" and "Proceed" signs alternately in each direction, with each sign mounted on glass panels and illuminated by electric lights.

The signs were designed to be posted at road intersections and operated via a motor that could automatically rotate the signs. Additional signs at intersections on parallel streets could be wired to work in conjunction to time traffic patterns. The signs could also be manually alternated by a police officer posted at the side of the road.

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