Rockbourn Mill

Owner: Joseph Bringhurst
Industry type: Textile mill
Location: Adams Street
Active dates: c. 1815-1825

Summary: After Archibald Hamilton Rowan vacated the Rockbourn cotton mill, located on the old Stidham barley mill site, it was eventually purchased by Morton, Canby, and Tatnall. Joseph Bringhurst rented the mill, which had an estimated worth of $4,000, from the three men. Bringhurst's business used six carding engines, two roving frames, two drawing frames, and 640 spindles, and employed two men, two women, and twelve children.

The mill closed in 1815, but it appears that Bringhurst reopened his operation in late 1820 or early 1821. A flood on February 21, 1822 cased $800 in damage to the mill. It is not known when Bringhurst vacated the mill, but by the 1850s, it had been leased to John Schofield.

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